​Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed In Dr Bergstrom's Lab

Jul-10-2022 categories: Lost Ark

Dr Bergstrom's Lab is a prison in Totrich, on the Arthetine landmass of Lost Ark. It's a little prison with a dim modern energy, loaded with pinions and transport lines. Be that as it may, there are several significant cooking fixings to be viewed as here - as well as five more mokoko seeds for your assortment.

Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed In Yeon's Barrier

You must finish the whole prison to gather all the mokoko seeds, including bringing down managers S and J. In any case, you can do it on either trouble level. Every one of the seeds are effectively available, albeit two are in an off-map region that main opens up whenever you've finished the last fight.

Mokoko Seed One - At The Entrance

As you enter Dr Bergstrom's Lab, you'll see a machine to one side associated with two huge cylinders loaded with fluid. The machine likewise has an enormous silver chamber connected. You'll find your first mokoko seed on the ground before this part of the machine. Note that there's likewise a cooking fixing to gather on the opposite side of the machine that you want for your Adventurer's Tome.

Mokoko Seed Two - Before The Power Core Room

Complete the circle on the east side of the guide around the Security Control Room, following the principal journey. Go through the Central Corridor and the Biological Laboratory and continue to follow the way until the journey text changes to, 'Go To The Power Core Room' - soon after you've crushed every one of the watchmen in the hallway. Just before the Power Core Room is an anonymous region about a similar size. On the southeast side of it, behind a roundabout design with a yellow light on top, you'll find the second mokoko.

Mokoko Seed Three - Central Control Room

Head through the Power Core Room and on to the Central Control Room, where you'll confront manager hordes S and J. When crushed, head up the means in the northwest corner of the room and open the case to accept your prizes. As a little something extra, there's likewise a seed at the highest point of those means ready to be gathered.

Mokoko Seeds Four And Five - Beyond The Barrier

In most Lost Ark prisons, the last manager battle region is fixed, constraining you to play Song of Escape. In any case, here you can backtrack - and you want to, for the last two mokoko seeds. Return straight upper east to where you previously entered the prison. Sadly, you'll need to revisit the turning circles, however there could be no different risks around.

When back in the principal room, notice the purple obstruction halting you going up the steps southwest has now vanished. Head up the steps and off the guide to a little room containing the last two seeds of Dr Bergstrom's Lab. One is on display on the floor, the other behind the primary enormous heap of garbage you pass to your right side as you come into the back piece of the room.

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