Madden NFL 21's football championship title is available on Stadia from yesterday

Jan-28-2021 categories: Madden 21

You will not need a powerful console or PC to play Madden NFL 21 immediately, in the near future. EA announced on the Pro Bowl news that it has offered the first football championship title on Google Stadia on January 28. You can predict the results of the Super Bowl or otherwise indulge in virtual grill games and buy Mut 21 coins on most devices (including your phone).

From January 28 to January 31, Madden will have a free trial on all platforms, so you can see how the game runs in the cloud for free.

EA said that this is the first game based on the frozen man engine to enter Stadia. At the end of the trial period, you must purchase the game and Madden 21 coins, but Madden NFL 21: Superstar Edition will receive a 60% discount before February 8.

This is a big step. Sports champions can be found in Stadia, but most are 2K champions, such as NBA 2K21. You can now use one of EA's largest sports franchise. This does not necessarily cause a craze for Stadia subscribers, but unless you can't imagine that there is no Madden on the platform of choice, it will be easier to justify the membership.

What about the professional bowl? Obviously, EA is taking full advantage of the virtualization decision during the pandemic. The company will broadcast a Madden NFL 21-based event through its Twitch channel on January 31st at 5pm Eastern Time. Many players inside and outside the football world have participated in the game, including Snoop Dogg, Keyshawn Johnson, Marshawn Lynch and stock rider Bubba Wallace. . Live broadcasters such as Ninjas and FaZe Swagg will also host watching parties through their channels. The game may not match the face-to-face Pro Bowl game, but it is likely to be one of the larger streaming events in recent memory.