"World of Warcraft": News Summary of "Land of Shadows"

Apr-09-2020 categories: WOW Classic

The fallen tribal leader Sylvanas Windrunner unveiled the veil between Azeroth and the kingdom of the dead, triggering a series of events that could destroy the universe between life and death balance. In dealing with the aftermath of Sylvanas ’operation, Azeroth ’s heroes will face the miracle and terror of the afterlife.

About the next expansion of "World of Warcraft", there is a lot of knowledge to learn, we have summarized the latest news here to help you grasp the latest news.

Shadowlands Developer Update

The entire team is working hard to turn our vision of Shadowlands into reality, and we ca n’t wait to share our progress in the upcoming Alpha release.

Shadow Land: Covenant Level and Signature Ability

In the Shadowlands, players will align with one of the four covenants, each of which will give them unique strengths, abilities, and other benefits to help them navigate the dangerous journey of the dead world.

Shadowland Career Update

When the advocates of Azeroth prepare to travel through the shadowland, they will gain new power and forgotten power to bear the terror that exists in the realm of death. This is the first glance at the upcoming class change.

Shadowland Update: Covenant between Fortress and Kerian

Announced the next expansion, "World of Warcraft: Shadow Land", and the new area-Fort-and Kerian's covenant revealed!

Shadow Land: Adventure waiting for a new beginning experience

Shadowlands brings a whole new start to the experience, and adventure awaits the arrival of Azeroth. This entry-level excursion is suitable for both experienced players and novices and is an excellent way to embark on the road to the world.

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