2021 in review: rethinking 15 years of RuneScape

Dec-28-2021 categories: runescape Tag: runescape gold, rs gold

Hello! We are still catching up with the OSRS gold memories and moments of 2021. This is Lottie's long-term career at Runescape.

I like to joke that to me, RuneScape is not so much a game as a lifestyle choice; however, 15 years later, I should probably admit to myself that this joke is close to the truth.

Thanks to my 2006 diary, I can safely say that on April 29th that year, I took the first step in the Gielinor-RuneScape environment. The young Lotti wrote about how RuneScape "looks pretty good with its cool maps", and then went on to discuss how she couldn't find the last episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion on a website that I consider to be completely legitimate. I want to know what she would write if she knew that RuneScape would be the mainstay of her game library.

Reading through those old diaries is an exploration of my personal RuneScape history; I recorded level achievements, new discoveries and misfortunes, just like my first visit to Varrock. Realizing that my combat effectiveness is low, and I am afraid of dying by the hands of monsters that are much stronger than myself, I decided to stick to the path-which of course can keep me away from the beasts lurking in unknown land.

In fact, when I approached the south gate of the city and met the dark wizard wandering nearby, this decision backfired. (It really makes you wonder what the salary of those Varrock guards are...) After I ate Varrock, I carefully planned my departure, hoping to avoid another murder, but the result was in their hands. Suffered a near-death experience of robbers near the port of Salim.

After further research, I discovered pest control strategies and how I learned about RuneScape's notorious malfunctioning Falado Massacre. It was June 5th, 2006, and Cursed You was celebrating becoming the first player to reach level 99 and hosting a party in his player-owned house. However, the lag forced him to drive everyone out. When he left, players who had been in the battle circle discovered that due to an unknown error in the building skill coding, they could attack anyone, even though they were outside the dedicated PvP area. Since their victims cannot retaliate, the nearly one-hour massacre is recorded in the history of RuneScape.

There are even notes on my bowstring, pinned to a page. All in all, I spent a few months running around the flax field, spinning wheel and the shore of the Visionary Village until I successfully reconnected my brain for fun. The end result is that it took a summer to train my construction skills-worth it.

It is interesting to see that I have been obsessed with different game styles over the years; from tearing up the boss to running a role-playing tribe to hours of skill, so I can complete specific achievements. Now I prefer to play slowly and rarely use anything that may increase my basic XP revenue, so that I can enjoy a long upgrade journey. I often read while reading-it's strangely relaxing to use my pick or matoke's clink as background noise.

What brings me back to RuneScape is that it feels like a living organism. Continuous development with new challenges and locations. Skilled, intertwined tapestries link different gameplays together, allowing me to jump from making runes to hunting dinosaurs. My personal favorite is archeology, because it combines knowledge exploration with outstanding skill advancement.

On the theme of the RuneScape legend-never forget the mission line. Here, I experienced Gothic horror, epic fantasy and the desire to bake a cake by myself. I will never forget the time I spent in the Temple of Light, even if I sometimes wish I could. Then there is Old School RuneScape, through which I can time travel back to the original game I fell in love with.

Over the years, when I focused on the new games of RuneScape, I often took a break. The longest one happened when Evolution of Combat (also known as EoC) was released-the ability and action bars conflicted with cheap RS gold the RuneScape part of my brain. However, RuneScape can always find a way to trap me, this time in Legacy Combat Mode, which revived the old tick-based combat. The relationship between EoC and  me is still relatively turbulent; mainly because I am reluctant, but I am working hard. rare.