An exact release date for Odin: Valhalla Rising

P2PAH Odin: Valhalla Rising - Kakao Games, the South Korean developers, have recently announced that Odin: Valhalla Rising, an MMORPG based on Norse mythology, will be released in 2023 in NA and Europe.

The announcement was made during their latest earnings call, much to the excitement of players worldwide who have been eagerly awaiting news about this title.

Developed by Kakao's in-house studio Lionheart, Odin: Valhalla Rising features battles within the realm of Valhalla and centers around Norse mythology.

The game runs on the Unreal 4 engine and will be available on both PC and mobile devices with compatibility for both Android and iOS. Players will take on the role of Odin, the Norse King of the Gods and ruler of Valhalla.

According to the official earnings call and presentation reports, Odin: Valhalla Rising is set to launch on mobile and PC in Japan's first quarter of 2023, followed by a release in North America and Europe by the third quarter. Kakao Games also announced another title, Area: Rise of Guardians, an MMORPG set in the anime world, during the same earnings call and get Odin Valhalla Rising Diamonds from

Although the developers have yet to reveal an exact release date for Odin: Valhalla Rising, fans can look forward to more announcements in the future.