Are there any Slayer builds that are fun but not as popular

Are there any Slayer builds that are fun but not as popular? I've tried making Slayer builds for three consecutive leagues, but none of them have really captured my interest. I've focused on popular builds like Flicker Strike, Boneshatter, and Cyclone, but after a week or two, I find myself getting bored and starting a new character instead. These builds might feel better with more investment, but at their core, they just haven't grabbed my attention.

What Slayer builds have you been playing this league? Ideally, I'd like to find a build that utilizes a physical staff since I already have one, which would make the transition easier. Is Spectral Helix still a viable option, or has it been nerfed too much?

I have a budget of around 100 divine orbs, not including my staff. I don't care about Uber bosses, simulacrums, or heavily juiced mapping like 100% Delirium. Palsteron's Strength Stacking Static Strike + Shockwave Slayer comes to mind, and it could potentially be played within that budget.

If you can acquire a synthesised weapon with +1 to Enhance and another +1 to dexterity gems on the tree, you can potentially play a Divergent Discharge build with 100% chance to not consume charges. Slayer's Masterful Form ascendancy makes it a decent option for this.

However, charge stacking builds can be incredibly expensive. Rue's self-cast Blazing Salvo Slayer is a Mageblood build, but Mageblood might not even be the most expensive or hardest-to-obtain item it requires, perhaps not even the second most expensive.

Apart from that, you specifically mentioned not being interested in the three most popular Slayer builds.

Spectral Helix isn't really a significant option anymore, and for many other attack builds that work well with Vengeant Cascade, Slayer can't really compete with Champion. Champion offers impale synergy for Splitting Steel, and the combination of Adrenaline, Aura Effect, and Perseverance make it challenging to surpass for cold SST (Spectral Shield Throw), budget armor stackers, or even hit-based Molten Strike.

There are some players who are trying out Shield Crush Slayer on Ninja, but I don't have much information about that build. Another option is a crit Glacial Hammer build utilizing Frostbreath, Lycosidae, Heatshiver, and Corrupted Southbound. With around 6,000 HP and 20 million DPS, you prioritize weapon range, clear and freeze everything, maintain maximum rage with a Temporal Chains belt, and have a good uptime of Berserk. You are always fortified, have maximum glancing blow, and utilize utility flasks to enhance your defense.

This build is excellent for mapping, although it can be a bit slow with movement speed ranging from 180 to 250. Each time you block, a counter-attack will trigger and clear the whole screen, stunning and freezing everything that isn't dead (except in highly juiced 80% Delirium maps where you obliterate everything).

Including Flash Freeze in your build is also recommended for its usefulness. It's one of the cheapest and most enjoyable builds out there. You can also improve it with rare gloves and Awakened Multistrike, although they are not necessary. The essential requirement is a 14% corrupted Frostbreath with increased attack speed and Fortify, and in this league, with the help of the Crucible, this requirement can be overcome. As a Duelist, you can use any cheap Forbidden Flesh that suits your needs.

For a luxurious and fun leveling experience, get your hands on a Skin of the Loyal with Glancing Blow and the Gladiator ascendancy's Counterattack deals double damage (Flameflesh). Anoint a Stone of Laz for spell block and energy shield recovery on block. Once you equip Lycosidae, you will cruise through the content. At level 16, Tempest Shield becomes available, and from that point on, anything that hits you will be shattered, and all bosses will be one or two-shot while being stunned and frozen.

With some adjustments from the Crucible tree, this build promises an awesome journey of fun. Just make sure to maximize your weapon range, and until you acquire Southbound gloves, Meginord's Girdle is unparalleled in its usefulness.

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