Brito has signed with Tress Way and together allowed the Indians to be key defenders

May-23-2020 categories: Madden 20

Raidel "Shaka" Brito defeated his opponent 17-0 in the 2020 finals last week and won the Madden nfl 20 coins . But this is the most impressive aspect of Brito's dominance in the best video games. It will not lose to the same level throughout the game. Yes, you will not misunderstand. not one. In fact, Brito did not have a real defender to express his position.

Brito has signed with Tress Way and together allowed the Indians to be key defenders. In an interview with DC Sports Live, Brito explained the reason for the move.

Brito said: "Because of his left hand, I chose Tresway as a player and defender." "In Madden, if you have a left center, they will use their right hand to cross the right quarter, the right back and Right hand pass. "

The player explained that besides the road, when he wanted to place QB on the right side of the game, Eli Mansing scored very low. Brito will pass between the two, thereby confusing the opponent's defense. : "I need the left and right hands to control the ball in many ways." "Yes, so you have to protect your left and right hands. Madden. Most people are familiar with meeting with the right back.

Brito explained that he had no interest in Redskins or Way, but due to certain limitations of the game mode, he chose employees in Washington. The game is played in the highest payout mode. He said: "I chose Tress Way because the way we played was called" Tress Way. "" We have to adapt to the team with an advantage of 1325 points. TressWay (Tress Way) is left-handed and has the lowest odds. "Choose one on the left. But no one is under 12 years old. What is the Trisway block?"

Just like in a real football game, winning on the battlefield is an important factor for Madden, but for a forward like Brico, this battle is particularly important, and there is a 100% chance.

Brito explained that when he chose Way as the left back, he played a real role because the forward helped him a lot. How Brito has a higher kick ability than most players in other games, so it can help him win the game. As he emphasized

Brito said: "When you don't have a central defender and you have to aim for the ball once in the game, you have to win on the field." "He hit the ball for the second time and it threatened me with several positions in the middle. Shot."

In the final episode of Redskins talk show Talk Wayto, he was asked about Brito's victory, and the player's player explained that his opponent could not stop his attack on QB.

To make a joke: "When the QBR in your career is higher than Tom Brady, please imagine that this person may be embarrassed and afraid of death." "If it is enough to make someone reach the end, I am happy Become one of them. "

Brito explained that he had not seen this road before, but then he wanted to meet him and let his signature shirt hang on the wall near the belt of the championship he won.

Brito said: "He is definitely an important part of winning this game." "If there is no Tresway and there are no players in my team, I may become my center. Some people are helping me win this game. May not win this game. "If you want to learn more about Madden, please read EA Sports will release the date" Madden 21 "