D2R 2.4 Release Date and Ladder Start Date

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With the end of the PTR in the first phase of patch 2.4, more and d2r items more players can't wait to officially experience the new content and new game mechanics of Diablo 2's resurrection. So when does D2R patch 2.4 come out and when does Ladder Season 1 start? In this Diablo 2 guide, we'll break it down for you.

Diablo 2 Resurrection 2.4 Patch and Ladder Season Release Date

As you know, Diablo 2 Rebirth version 2.4 will bring unprecedented updates to the game, including the improvement of professional skills, the addition of new D2R runes, the opening of the ladder season, and more. While we got to experience some of these exciting new content in Phase 1 of the closed 2.4 PTR, you can definitely look forward to exploring them in the live game.

The official Diablo 2 Resurrection 2.4 patch didn't go live after the PTR, as previously speculated, and the start time of Ladder Season 1 has not been officially announced. But Blizzard revealed in its official forum and Reddit community that it plans to release another PTR for ladder testing before the D2R 2.4 patch is released. so:

When will the D2R ladder PTR be released?

In a post on Blizzard's official forums, they revealed that the new ladder test PTR will roll out, possibly a week after the first phase of the PTR will go offline on Wednesday, February 9th at 10:30AM PT. So we can expect the release date of the D2R Ladder PTR to be set around February 16-18, 2022, and likely to last another 2 weeks like the first phase of the 2.4 PTR (January 25-February 9) .

When will Diablo 2 Resurrection Patch 2.4 be released?

No further testing is planned for Patch 2.4 after the PTR for the Ranked Season. So if we assume that the last beta phase will also last for 15 days, 16-18 February to 2-4 March, the D2R 2.4 patch release date could be scheduled for 7-3-2022 11 this week.

When does D2R Ladder Season 1 start?

Ladder Season won't start with the release of D2R's 2.4 patch, and will be released later to ensure that there aren't any weird game-breaking bugs when the patch is released. As such, the diablo 2 resurrected items D2R ladder start date depends on the 2.4 patch date and will drop during the week of March 14-20, 2022, about a week after patch 2.4 goes live.