Dan Campbell is currently in a mess in Madden NFL 22

Aug-14-2021 categories: Madden 22 Tag: Mut 22 Coins, buy Mut 22 Coins

Subscribers to EA Play consoles launched a 10-hour preview of Electronic Arts "Madden NFL 22" for EA Play console users on Thursday, giving fans a taste of this year’s only professional football game that we must get to the point. . This is a glorious moment. This is another sign that NFL football has once again emerged in the United States, but it seems that the accurate description of the Mut 22 coins new Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell is contrary to the slogan and did not appear in the game. middle.

Credit to Lions fan and Twitter user @TheRoyalRapt0r, he entered Early Access on his XBox Series X only to find that Campbell's portrait was missing. Standing on the coaching platform instead of him was a universal character model with a black goatee.

The most likely explanation is that this is a placeholder model that will be replaced once his correct model is completed and enters the release version or future updates. Nevertheless, the full game will be released in more than a week, so his absence in the game may be a minor issue for Lions fans, who hope to accurately describe their new head coach at the time of release.

Another explanation is that the Lions are once again disrespected by the national "crappy" NFL media cabal and EA developers, who refuse to join the muscle nails and repeatedly hit the statistics of Detroit players. Only when this conspiracy is exposed and stopped by real fans, Detroit will rise and win like eight consecutive Super Bowls

"Dan Campbell" in EA's Madden NFL 22 Early Access

Campbell's name appears in Madden 22, so this situation may be completely different from Bill Belichick's absence in the same game-once again, this is just a placeholder, waiting for the full face model to be added to the full version.

Campbell is not the only NFL coach without his portrait in the game. This is what the buy Madden 22 coins newly appointed Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer looks like in the game.