​Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder - Looking for WW Barb Help

Heya all. I am an vintage d2 participant returning to attempt d2r. I used to play WW barb returned withinside the days untill i went to college in 2007. It appears lot has modified and i'm analyzing conflicting information. Anyway i need to tryn and make one now.

How do i construct ww barb with swords 2h for pvp/pve? How do i construct ww barb with axes for pvp/pve?

Best equipment/guns? Mainly guns. I cant recognize what combination is bettter. How an awful lot dex do i want for seventy five% block risk. How do i take a look at it ingame?

Any recommendation may be helpful.

For leveling up you really want to awareness in your assault score. Barbarian, or any melee construct, are difficult as first characters because of having low risk to hit. One set that facilitates with this loads is angelic earrings and amulet.

However, the barbarian could make excellent use of his battle cries as he's leveling. There is conflict cry that reduces enemies protection and consequently helps you to hit them simpler. I endorse getting one factor into this and the use of it.

I typically start off leveling my barbarians weapon mastery and setting out to the pay attention talent and the use of that at some point of Normal and Nightmare. 1 factor into berserk facilitates for any bodily immunes. Whirlwind virtually sucks early on and do now no longer advise getting it till respeccing at a later stage.

Then of direction you may need conflict orders and different battle cries. I'd additionally endorse utilising discover object.

Best equipment/guns? Mainly guns. I cant recognize what combination is bettter.

You can see guns similarly below.

There is pretty a piece of various combos of equipment, however ordinary I'd advise having sufficient assault score to clearly hit enemies, you may see your risk to hit enemies through soaring over your assault score. This additionally relies upon in your weapon, due to the fact a few guns could have forget about goal protection and/or -x% enemy protection which improves your risk to hit them. Just preserve in thoughts forget about goal protection would not paintings on bosses and champion packs and is whilst -x% goal protection and your assault score come into play. Then you may need to have a stable quantity of crushing blow and lethal strike, open wounds is first-class for bosses and PVP. Then having can not be frozen is debatable, however I in my opinion like having it, you may need it for PVP.

For armor, fortitude or duress runewords are first-class. I use duress for PVE for the extra crushing blow. I'm now no longer a massive fan of teleport for PVE (specially on melee toons) as I simply run round killing the entirety, however of direction Enigma is a stable choice as properly.

For helmet, arreats face is typically used on a barbarian. However, I clearly like Guillaume face for extra crushing blow and lethal strike. Crown of a long time also can be honestly excellent.

Gloves, both laying of arms or blood crafted gloves with 20% ias and 10% crushing blow.

Boots, gore riders.

Belt, string of ears or verdungos. Can even keep in mind crafting blood belts for extra open wounds (it is excellent for pvp). Trang ouls belt is first-class for can not be frozen for while you're mfing and the use of discover object, due to the fact you can not use ravenfrost because it makes you do bloodless harm.

Rings, for PVE you may need a twin leech ring and raven frost, for PVP 2 ravenfrosts is ideal or the use of angelic set. MFing is a piece special and also you dont need to be doing any bloodless harm, specially in case you're the use of discover object. So you can not use raven frost.

Amulet, both highlords wrath, or angelic set.

Overall for PVE it perhaps quality to run magic discover and making excellent use of the barbarians discover object talent. Here is a video of my hardcore barbarian on first ladder that showcases his equipment, which had majority quality in slot stuff for this IMO.

Intent changed into to sort of remake He-Man lol so he's a 2 surpassed sword barbarian. If i have been to enhance him then identityentification have a take a observe changing his earrings with uncommon mf earrings that offer resists, assault score, and amongst different matters, however nagels arent 1/2 of too horrific;

Hardcore 2handed MF barbarian.

A lot of various matters power sure builds, specially for PVP. three famous PVP barbarian builds could be a bva (barb vs all), bvc (barb vs caster), or bvb (barb vs barb and in maximum instances barb vs melee). What I indexed above is reasonably staple stuff a melee barbarian could use, however it isnt cease all, be all kind of factors and of direction relying in your construct dictate a few matters.

How an awful lot dex do i want for seventy five% block risk. How do i take a look at it ingame?

How an awful lot dex you really want relies upon on all your different equipment, to test it you simply hover over your protection and it need to inform you the risk that something enemy you latterly fought has to hit you and additionally your block risk.

How do i construct ww barb with swords 2h for pvp/pve?

For 2 surpassed, Ethereal breathe of the death, ebotd, is quality right here, or additionally airy dying runeword, specially given that they have modified the manner whirlwind boom assault pace, ias, works. Now any ias will advantage whirlwind now no longer simply ias at the weapon. Considering Death's excessive crushing blow, cb, and lethal strike, ds, it is a great runeword.

If you pass 1h or twin wield then quality in slot is grief. However, twin wield ebotd and dying is quite first-class too. Death is first-class for a few crushing blow procs in PVE.

Your bases for those runewords will both be a colossus sword or colossus blade. For the 1 handers best can employ section blade.

For PVP Grief is diagnosed as "horrific mannered".

You can discover a few excellent uncommon swords as properly. However, you want a few as an alternative GG rolls to occur for it to even keep in mind competing with aforementioned runewords.

How do i construct ww barb with axes for pvp/pve?

Axes is similar to the swords. However, the bases you'll be the use of is both berserker awl or ettin awl for 1h. Then for 2h you may need wonderful awl, perhaps even champion awl for dying rather given that it is a quicker weapon, however I'd possibly nevertheless pass wonderful.

One advantage of axes is you may clearly pass twin/hybrid spec into throwing pretty correctly as properly with lacerator throwing axes.

Axes additionally has a pinnacle tier specific you may use, dying cleaver, extra so if it is airy and excessive ehdamage. Great for PVP while you can not use grief.

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