Diablo 4 Crushed Beast Bones: How to Find and Farm Them

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In "Diablo 4," Crushed Beast Bones are an essential crafting material needed for upgrading your Light Healing Potion once you reach level 30. As their name suggests, these bones come from the remains of slaughtered beasts. However, finding them is not as simple as defeating random enemies in Sanctuary. This guide will help you locate and farm Crushed Beast Bones efficiently.

Where to Find Crushed Beast Bones

Crushed Beast Bones are obtained by killing beasts, animals, and werecreatures. While these creatures can be encountered randomly throughout the world, the drop rate for Crushed Beast Bones is relatively low. If you rush through the campaign and skip side quests, dungeons, and cellars, you might miss out on opportunities to collect these bones.

Best Farming Location: Scosglen

To farm Crushed Beast Bones effectively, you should head to Scosglen, located northeast of Kyovashad. In this region, focus on the Highlands Wilds area and unlock the waypoint at Under the Fat Goose Inn. This waypoint is the closest one to the farming location.

From Under the Fat Goose Inn, travel east until you reach an area called the Scar. This location is identified by its black rock formations, which resemble cooled volcanic rock.

Key Enemy: Gaspar Stillbian

In the Scar, you will find Gaspar Stillbian, a Super Unique monster in "Diablo 4." Defeating Gaspar Stillbian grants you solid loot and, crucially, five Crushed Beast Bones. Since you need five bones to upgrade your healing potion at level 30, defeating this boss is particularly efficient.

Gaspar Stillbian respawns frequently, making this area ideal for farming. To farm even faster, you can defeat Gaspar, leave the game, and return. This method increases your chances of spawning in a server where Gaspar has recently respawned. Repeat this process to stockpile as many Crushed Beast Bones as needed.

Additional Tips

Check Local Events: Participate in local events in Scosglen, as they can spawn additional beasts and werecreatures that might drop Crushed Beast Bones.

Explore Dungeons and Cellars: These areas often contain higher concentrations of beasts and can increase your chances of finding the bones.

Group Farming: Team up with other players to clear areas faster and maximize your chances of encountering beasts.


Finding and farming Crushed Beast Bones in "Diablo 4" requires some effort and strategy. By focusing on the Highlands Wilds in Scosglen and repeatedly defeating Gaspar Stillbian in the Scar, you can efficiently gather the bones needed for upgrading your Light Healing Potion. Remember to take advantage of local events and explore dungeons and cellars to increase your chances of finding these essential crafting materials.

While you're out farming Crushed Beast Bones, you may also want to look for other crafting materials like Demon Hearts or other Diablo 4 Items. Additionally, stay updated on the latest Diablo 4 content, such as the battle pass, seasonal events, and best class guides, to enhance your overall gaming experience.