Diablo 4 Season 3 Guide: Mastering the Vaults

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In Diablo 4 Season 3, unlocking the Vaults is a significant milestone, offering players lucrative rewards and challenges. These Vaults come in two tiers: the regular "baby vaults," each associated with an elemental theme, and the formidable "Daddy Vault" known as the Vault of Loom. Traverse these treacherous dungeons filled with deadly traps and elite adversaries as you strive for riches and glory.

Types of Vaults:

Baby Vaults: There are four elemental-themed baby vaults—Fire, Lightning, Ice, and Poison—each presenting its unique challenges. Within these, players encounter a "Death Room," a harrowing test of survival against traps and relentless elites.

Daddy Vault - Vault of Loom: The ultimate challenge lies in the Vault of Loom, guarded by the formidable boss Malphas. Prepare for an intense battle against this deadly construct without the respite of a Death Room.

Mechanics and Rewards:

Vault Sigil Keys: Obtain these keys from the Occultist to gain access to different tiers of vault dungeons.

New Mechanics: Embrace new mechanics like Zultan's Warding buffs and Wardwoven chests, strategically designed to enhance survivability amidst traps.

D4 Season 3 Vault Tier List:

S Tier:

Cinder (Fire) – Dry Steppes

A Tier:

Stone (Ice) – Fractured Peaks

Ink (Poison) – Hawezar

Copper (Lightning) – Scosglen

Unlocking Vaults:

To unlock access to these Vaults, players must progress through the Season of the Construct questline. Defeat Malphas, the Keeper of the Vaults, within the Vault of Loom to unlock the initial four Vaults. Further progress unlocks the fifth Vault, the Vault of Ink.

Tips for Success:

Early Exploration: Start running Nightmare Vaults as soon as you unlock Nightmare difficulty in World Tier 3 to reap substantial rewards.

Optimal Farming: Vault of Cinders reigns supreme for glyph XP and tuning stone farming at level 100. However, Vault of Stone and Vault of Cinders are excellent choices for overall character XP/leveling.

Efficient Grinding: Based on extensive testing, Vault of Cinders emerges as the top choice for glyphs and tuning stones, offering the best experience per minute.

Participating in Arcane Tremors:

Engage in Arcane Tremors events by interacting with Obelisks to gather materials necessary for summoning monsters. These monsters, when defeated, reward Pearls of Warding, essential for activating Zoltun Statues inside Vaults. Accumulate these pearls to gain stacks of Zoltun's Warding buff, granting bonuses and additional rewards.

Prepare yourself for the challenges that lie within the Vaults of Diablo 4 Season 3. Navigate the traps, conquer the elites, and emerge victorious to claim the treasures that await you within these ancient chambers.

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