Diablo 4 Tier List 1.3.3 - Optimal Classes & Builds for Ascending the Ranks

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Prepare to plunge into the depths of the Gauntlet, a relentless dungeon experience boasting eternal leaderboards to assert your dominance. Unlike fleeting seasons, this permanent addition to Diablo 4 promises enduring challenges and boundless excitement. As the Gauntlet undergoes its initial phases, subject to future refinements based on player feedback, now is the time to seize glory and secure your place among the elite. Join us as we dissect the best class and builds for securing a coveted spot in the top 1000 of Diablo 4's Gauntlet Season 3!

D4 Gauntlet Class Tier List:

No. 5 - Necromancer

The Necromancer, while formidable in its own right, falls short in the fast-paced environment of the Gauntlet. Despite recent adjustments in patch 1.3.3 offering a modest increase in movement speed, the class still struggles to match the agility of its peers. While a Bone Spear build paired with corpse explosion demonstrates respectable damage output, its lack of swiftness poses a significant hindrance in achieving top-tier scores.

Best Necro Gauntlet Build:

Harness the power of Bone Spear alongside corpse explosion synergies, leveraging the Lidless Wall for additional bone storms. Though potent in damage and survivability against tier 70 equivalent monsters, the Necromancer's inherent sluggishness remains a formidable obstacle.

No. 4 - Rogue

The Rogue, though nimble and lethal, grapples with a crucial dilemma in the Gauntlet: balancing AoE and single-target capabilities. While boasting impressive speed and survivability, the absence of a universally adept build hampers its performance in encounters featuring hordes of smaller foes and formidable bosses alike.

Best Rogue Gauntlet Build:

Optimize your potential with the Penetrating Shot build, a versatile choice well-suited to the Gauntlet's varied challenges. With recent enhancements elevating its effectiveness, the Rogue stands poised for formidable feats within the Gauntlet's unforgiving confines.

No. 3 - Druid

Despite recent strides, the Druid finds itself in the middle ranks of the Gauntlet hierarchy. While the Shred ability offers unparalleled mobility, it falls short of matching the speed of its swifter counterparts. Nevertheless, its potent damage output compensates for this shortfall, making it a viable contender for ascending the leaderboards.

Best Druid Gauntlet Build:

Embrace the synergy of Boulder Shred, combining rapid teleportation with devastating AoE capabilities. This build excels in both crowd control and single-target encounters, leveraging enemy density to maximize its destructive potential.

No. 2 - Barbarian

The Barbarian reigns supreme in raw strength, decimating foes with staggering force. With unparalleled movement speed and devastating Charge builds, the Barbarian dominates encounters with tier 70 equivalent monsters. However, occasional delays in movement hinder its otherwise unmatched prowess.

Best Barb Gauntlet Build:

Harness the might of the Hammer of the Ancients within a Charge-centric build, delivering crushing blows to any who dare oppose you. While unmatched in sheer destructive power, minor setbacks in movement speed may prove decisive in the Gauntlet's highest echelons.

No. 1 - Sorcerer

Claiming the throne of the Gauntlet, the Sorcerer emerges as the quintessential champion of Diablo 4's Season 3. Lightning-based builds afford unparalleled mobility, with near-infinite teleports facilitating swift traversal of the Gauntlet's treacherous depths. Coupled with devastating AoE capabilities, the Sorcerer's dominance is unrivaled, securing its place atop the leaderboards.

Best Sorc Gauntlet Build:

Embrace the arcane fury of the Arc Lash variant build, unleashing a barrage of lightning-based spells with unprecedented speed. With Raiment of the Infinite amplifying your prowess, traverse the Gauntlet with unmatched fluidity, leaving devastation in your wake.

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