​Diablo IV is set to release on June 6

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According to Game Informer, Diablo IV will receive "meaningful" quarterly updates every three months: updates that will introduce new storylines.

In a recent Game Informer article, Diablo IV Gold Associate Game Director Joe Piepiora said that while he's hesitant to use the word "expansion," quarterly post-release updates will include additional features related to new mechanisms and features. The story content is updated every time. The update will additionally come with a new Seasonal Battle Pass, which will be available in both free and premium formats. Blizzard previously confirmed that the game's first season will not launch alongside Diablo IV, but will be released at a later date.

Blizzard recently provided more information on what the final game of Diablo IV will look like in the form of a video from the developers. Nightmare Dungeon, along with an open-world area called Helltide, will make up the bulk of the endgame experience. Nightmare Dungeons are more complex hybrid versions of the over 100 dungeons introduced at Diablo IV's launch, with various affixes that further enhance each dungeon's replayability.

In a cover story, Blizzard talked about two additional perks players will need to overcome when navigating Diablo IV's nightmarish dungeons. One such affix sees an invincible pillar of lightning constantly pursue the player throughout the dungeon, while another adds a shadow that follows the player, blocking their vision and summoning additional enemies if hit.

Blizzard also shared new details about Helltides with Game Informer, explaining that Helltides may affect multiple regions of the world at once for a limited time. More deadly enemies will appear in the frontiers of Helltide, including hybrid versions of various bosses throughout the game.

The latest Diablo IV beta was the biggest in franchise history, with millions of players reaching level 20 and earning exclusive rewards. Blizzard plans to host a live stream on April 20 to respond to beta feedback and find out how cheap Diablo 4 Gold endgame system will work. Diablo IV is set to release on June 6.

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