​Did the game get easier to push ilvl

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I'm 1470. I've spent about 200 dollars on currency exchanges to boost my weapon 18-19 years back, when I was trying to get Valtan HM on release week and then realized that the efficiency was low, so I stopped spending money. I'm running 4 alts, each above 1370, all funneled mats, pushing my main and another up to 1415.

I was once convinced that I had a shit chance of in the pre-1445 period, but I believe I'm fortunate since then. Even with this luck, I'm running my own alts, even though I'mn't believing in towers or any other activity which could give your roster exp I've made my way up to the level of 140plus.

Since this bot and RMT problem has become more and more severe, I've been looking at the people around the town... quite a bit. One thing I've noticed is that the longer time passes by I am seeing the increasing number of people with lower roster levels, having 1450-1470+ levels and I'm not talking about only a handful of individuals.

I've inspected 5 players, and 2-3 could be similar to that. Personally, I think 1400 ilvl for a roster that is at least 100 levels isn't a good idea, but I'm guessing that's how the new player experience was as a result of all the powerpasses and events I was also a involved in, as I saw the people who have 70ish roster levels and 1400plus in ilvl.

Are you finding it easier to push it to the limit or should I think they're RMTs and should report their arses?

1400+ ilvl is totally useless. A low roster in a certain degree doesn't have any significance.

Express brought on until 1330ish? It's straight up. It's a reasonable method to reach 1400, but not a crazy one. If you're one of the 1h/d gamers in general (doing mostly rest on main and 2 or 3 alts) I'd think they'll be at around the level you've described in the event that they began early. 1430ish, low-ish roster, 57-58 combat lvl.

The Omega-whale/RMT raffle is in gems and like combat lvl 55/56 and in the 1500 level.

I'd say that players who are completely f2p are within the 1475-85 range, in the event that they were lucky with their honing and playing a lot. However, while it might be bots in chaos dungeons There are a few things that can be easily identified by players to spot RMT as well as cheating during any way. It's all the case with AGS/SG which means you'ren't whispering "sus" and examining every single person.

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