Director Tsushima’s ghost lost to Madden 22 in the first sale

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Surprisingly, Madden NFL 22 defeated the ghost of Director Tsushima's cut version and became the best-selling video game in August. Both games focus on fierce competition, but "Madden NFL 22" is based on Mut 22 coins the beloved American pastime, while "Soul of Tsushima" features a deadly sword duel in Japanese history. Madden NFL 22 is the latest installment in the annual series, and the director's cut version of "The Ghost of Tsushima" successfully honed the experience of last year's popular action-adventure game.

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut retains the main plot of Sucker Punch’s samurai simulator, while also expanding the game with new stories and areas. Iki Island has been added to the already huge map of Tsushima Island, allowing players to go to the newly added map at any time after completing the first scene of the game. It is said that the plot of Iki Island is very introspective, describing in detail the personal history and heartbreaking struggle of the protagonist Sakai Hitoshi. "The Ghost of Tsushima" director’s cut version also adds new game mechanics, such as a peaceful animal sanctuary and horse charge. The additional enemy types also added more challenges to the battle, as Jin was forced to switch quickly between different combat stances.

According to Mat Piscatella, despite the success of the director's cut version of "Soul of the Horse", the game's sales have been surpassed by Madden NFL 22. In August's top 20 best-selling games and PlayStation top 10 best-selling games, Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut ranked second. The first place in both categories was won by Madden NFL 22, which proved the continued popularity of the electronic arts football simulation series. Both lists refer to the game simply as the Soul of Tsushima, because the Director's Cut upgrade is considered downloadable content, not an additional sale of the game.

Although it may not be as popular with fans as the Soul of the Horse, comments on Madden NFL 22 praised the innovation of the latest work in the series. Although the football game did not introduce any brand new game modes, the old mode has been improved and expanded, adding additional features. The main focus of the latest Madden experience is the franchise model. The new coaching and strategy system allows players to fully immerse themselves in the management team experience. Enhanced artificial intelligence also creates a more realistic gaming experience, making Madden NFL 22 a great improvement over past entries.

Many fans may be surprised that "Soul of Tsushima" lost to Madden NFL 22. However, EA Sports' latest project has been successful in improving the main franchise functions. Although the director's cut version of "Soul of Tsushima" is equally impressive, due to its status as downloadable content, the upgrade of the new version of the game is not included in the bestseller list. Given these facts, it's easy to buy Madden 22 coins see how Madden NFL 22 touched down in the ghostly samurai action of Director Tsushima's cut version.