​Discussion approximately why the gameplay is wonderful

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It’s quite clear 2k’s vc machine this 12 months is disgusting and predatory af frfr. But lots of you're like “gReAt GaMePlAy ThO.”

Is it?

What constitutes and defines gameplay? Cuz i assume god of conflict had extraordinary gameplay. Forbidden horizon west had immaculate gameplay. Elden ring turned into outstanding. All the spiderman video games had been clean af. I should call such a lot of extra NBA 2K23 MT. Those all price much less than $70.

And what did we get? All your animations get reset in case you get dc’ed from recreation. You can’t development via sure obligatory missions with out upgrading your attributes which price vc which the sport almost doesn’t provide you.

The cutscenes are wack, the talk is now and again humorous however generally cringe. And the audio doesn’t suit up in any respect with some thing. All the sound effects, the lip sync, in recreation actions, not one of the sounds are synced. This is crazy. Companies popping out with 3d audio with twenty second century technology, and NBA 2K out right here can’t even sync audio.

Players nevertheless get caught behind/subsequent to their teammates in recreation. Literal frame block and going for walks in place… which i’m positive takes place all of the time irl. People nevertheless get sucked into the display screen blackhole regardless of choose dodger and excessive strength.

Passes nevertheless randomly redirect the receiver. Shooting continues to be smooth af. Yes. Easy af. Green 3s all day in rec. All the ones memes we see approximately matters we hate approximately 2k? They all nevertheless happen.

Input delay. Lag skips and stutters. The inconvenience of pointlessly going for walks via the town for not anything extra than 2Ks advert revenue. Daunting ridiculous “quests” that internet you 500vc for hours of “grind.”

Mistimed huge open shot = awful choice Mistimed scouse borrow at an excellent opportunity = awful scouse borrow try Yea cuz irl klay thompson may leave out a huge open three and anyone screaming “WHAT A TERRIBLE SHOT SELECTION!

They actually HID REQUIREMENTS. They disguise it from you. You want to be this tall and feature this characteristic for those animations, WELL THANKS FOR LMK WHEN I WAS MAKING THE BUILD IN THE BEGINNING FRFR FAX. Such precise gameplay.

The component that modified significantly: is how sluggish the sport feels. How clunky the whole thing is. Oh and of direction the in-recreation forex rip-off of the century.

How do these items end result in “wonderful gameplay?” Honeymoon segment is over human beings.