​Draft Rant: They turned my favorite part of the game into a chore

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I love drafting. Scouting rookies to choose at the time of draft is an absolute blast for me. However, drafting/scouting has become a chore in this sport.

A new scouting system. I'm not necessarily averse to the new system. I understand what they wanted to achieve however the implementation was a disaster and unreal.

Scouts are given their assignments at the beginning of each year, and cannot be changed. So you'll have to decide which players are likely to be successful from the beginning, with little data to make a judgement of. You want to get a feel for this new player you've got your eye on? Unfortunately, the scout you've chosen to finishing scouting who will be the following JaMarcus Russell, because you selected the Southwest region for the season.

Pointless ratings are that were scouted. I had a WR who has been extensively scouted, but the catch, Spec catch CTH in Traffic Med/Deep Route and Awareness were not scouted. Ratings for Juke move break tackle, block run spin move, kick return and stiff arm was discovered. The accuracy of kick power isn't an option for kickers or punters which leaves you with no idea of whether a punter is sporting the 97 or 85 KPW. This is completely untrue. Edit: Kick power can be located beneath"Physicals" under the "Physicals" tab. It provides an "Poor" up to an "Elite" grade. Also, I totally did not see accuracy on the skill tab.

- Sluggish. It's so taking time to look through prospects. Perhaps it's quicker on the next-gen devices however, it takes at least 4 to 5 seconds to load the player's page. Then you have to cycle through the Scouting report/physicals/skills pages which take almost 2 seconds to load each. Then add another five seconds to leave the player's page and you've are now 20 seconds late to discover that the prospect is a scumbag. It may seem small, but when you consider that there are 250 potential customers this is well over an hour of loading time just to bring up their websites only once.

There's no preview for rating on main site. This falls under the previous one, however it's much quicker to determine if an athlete has a lot of "F's" or can be as fast like Betty White without taking me back to dial-up Internet days when they loaded their Scouting pages. Bring back the overview of their scores or athletic ability at the bottom of the page, so we can quickly identify the ones who aren't worthy of our attention.

Private training sessions. It is possible to bring in three players each year to participate in "private training sessions". It's not clear how they work since they sometimes don't increase their scouted percent. I'm not sure if it's dependent on the location of your scouts but it does seem to increase one out of three players. Additionally, if you quit the screen to check out the players you would like to choose, the option disappears , so you missed the chance.

Draft day:

It is difficult to imagine the next five teams choosing. It's a simple thing they took out.

I can't find out who was selected prior to the pick that was the last. That means unless you're looking at the draft screen all the time, you won't be able to tell who was removed and who is in the board. It's probably not a huge issue that they took off this feature since you can simply add more participants to the draft however:

It is not possible to add or change the players on your board (aka favorite players) during the draft. Players who are not listed on the draft board in game before the draft begins can't be added during the draft or after the draft. You can also not rearrange the players according to the order you wish to add the players.

The ratings you receive the player's rating after you have drafted him or her. were taken away. They reveal stats you likely already were aware of or had an approximate estimation for. Do you want to determine whether the player you chose has the statistics to be a starter , so you don't have to choose another player in the same level? Too bad. There is nothing presented up to the time of the draft. it doesn't tell you the general.

It was the first time I was close to not buying Madden (bought it while it was on sale) since 2010. I'm thinking that this might need changed since they keep making the game less enjoyable and less enjoyable. It's obvious that they aren't playing their own game. They could easily detect these issues. A majority of these features are already present in the game. They had a Scouting system, then put it down and returned to re-updating MUT.

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