EA announces the return of the Madden franchise to Colin Kaepernick

Sep-10-2020 categories: Madden 21

EA Sports announced on Twitter on Tuesday that it will return the Madden NFL franchise to former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and will also update the "Madden 21" roster and cheap Mut 21 coins. Since the 2016 season, the former San Francisco quarterback has not participated in the game and withdrew from the league. According to records, he noticed the abuse of blacks and other minorities by law enforcement officers on their knees during the national anthem. Now, players in the latest Madden game can add him to the roster of any team in the franchise mode, or use the "play now" option to take advantage of him.

There is no team after 2016, and Kaepernick has not appeared in the "Crazy Series" since "Crazy 17." EA negotiates player license agreements through the NFL Players Association. EA worked directly with Kaepernick to return to the game for him. According to "Undefeated Battle", participate in discussions about his appearance and celebrations, including "Black Power Fist".

Symbolic gestures often appear, especially in protests or protests where the police killed unarmed African Americans.

At that time, Kaepernick's protest was widely criticized by people including President Trump, who believed that the behavior was disrespectful to the American flag, soldiers and women. Throughout the season, only the protest continues this season, and the NFL will deal with fans who threaten to boycott matches and league broadcasts.

After this season, Kaepernick separated from the 49ers and did not sign with another team. Those showed that he was not interested in past Super Bowl runners-up. He has surpassed 3,000 passing yards twice in a season, although some statistics show that he is not the NFL starting quarterback, although multiple indicators show that he is more capable than many signal callers still have the opportunity to prove himself.

The new generation of Kaepernick scored 81 in "Madden 21", making him the highest free agent quarterback player available in the game so far. In addition, news of Kaepernick’s return has been posted on the blog, suggesting that players who want to use QB in a franchise model will join him before the start of the preseason, because the computer-controlled team will not “lose to catch him and make him their own opportunity.

In fact, the reality of this question is how it works when Kaepernick enters the free agent market after Kaepernick leaves the 49ers. Many of his fans believe that he has been included in the league blacklist. He had colluded against the NFL allegations to retire him, but eventually settled a lawsuit.

National Football League (NFL) member Roger Goodell said in an interview before the start of the 2020 season: "I have heard of Kaepernick and I hope he will attract people's attention." Goodell also pointed out the protest. The event has nothing to do with the national flag, and said that the actions of Kaepernick and other players who played the national anthem were "wrongly classified."

EA and Kaepernick mentioned different histories in their blog posts, like the price of different Madden 21 coins, and announced on Twitter that he would return to the game field. When the company reviewed a song with Kaepernick's name from "Madden 19" as the lyrics, it had tolerated mistakes. EA later apologized, calling it an "unfortunate mistake."