EA Sports FC 24: Best Players for Nuclear Defender Evolution

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The Team of the Season promo in EA Sports FC 24, launched by Electronic Arts on April 19th, introduced a new feature called TOTS Live cards that can be upgraded based on real-world performances, making them highly sought after in Ultimate Team. One of the recent additions is the Nuclear Defender upgrade, offering a significant boost from a 74 OVR card to 91 OVR. Here's everything you need to know about this Evolution and the best players to use it on:

What is the EAFC 24 Nuclear Defender Evolution?

The Nuclear Defender Evolution offers a massive upgrade but comes at a cost of 100,000 Coins or 500 FC Points. Considering the various packs available during the TOTS promo, players should weigh their options carefully. Here are the key requirements for this Evolution:

Max Overall: 74

Max Pace: 73

Max Shooting: 60

Max Physical: 75

Max PlayStyles: 6

Max PlayStyles+: 0

Completing all the Objectives unlocks the following upgrades:

+17 Overall

+16 Pace

+16 Defending

+14 Physical

+18 Passing

+16 Dribbling

+19 Shooting

+1 Weak Foot

PlayStyles: Bruiser, Relentless, Press Proven

PlayStyles+: Anticipate, First Touch, Block

The Best Players for the Nuclear Defender Evolution

While almost any Silver defender can benefit significantly from this 

boost, some players stand out due to their stats and links:

Levi Colwill – Chelsea

Stefan Bajcetic – Liverpool

Chris Richards – Crystal Palace

Jean-Philippe Gbamin – Everton

These players excel in various aspects, making them great choices for the Nuclear Defender Evolution. Colwill and Richards are high-pace center backs capable of dominating the defense. Bajcetic and Gbamin operate in midfield, with Bajcetic offering better ball control and Gbamin showcasing higher speed.

Note that these players are primarily from the Premier League, so players not using a Premier League team might consider their options. However, these choices remain strong regardless.

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