EA Sports FC 24: Completing the TOTS Gabri Veiga Objectives Challenge

Apr-28-2024 categories: FC 24 Tag: FC 24 Coins, buy FC 24 Coins, MMOexp

The Team of the Season (TOTS) event in EA Sports FC 24 brings exciting objective challenges, including the opportunity to earn valuable players like Gabri Veiga through gameplay. These challenges are time-limited, so dive in before they disappear! Here's how to tackle the Live TOTS Gabri Veiga Objectives Challenge effectively:

Objectives Overview

Gabri Veiga's objectives revolve around his midfield prowess, Spanish background, and current form in the ROSHN Saudi League. Here are the objectives and how to complete them:

Pick A Corner

Score five goals with a Finesse Shot.

Taking Over

Play seven matches with at least two ROSHN Saudi League players in your starting 11.

Through Magic

Assist four goals with Through Balls.

Spanish Seven

Win seven matches with at least five Spanish players in your starting 11.

Team Building Strategy

Create a squad with five Spanish players and two ROSHN Saudi League players to fulfill all objectives simultaneously. Utilize players like Gabri Veiga and other affordable options from the league and Spain to meet these requirements efficiently.

Objective Completion Tips

Score Finesse Shots: Hold RB/R1 while shooting to perform Finesse Shots.

Assist with Through Balls: Focus on setting up goals with precise Through Balls.

Win Matches: Maintain a winning streak using your well-balanced team.


Completing the objectives unlocks Live TOTS Gabri Veiga (90 OVR). There's a chance for an upgrade if specific conditions are met in Al Ahli's upcoming matches. Additionally, completing each objective grants player rewards and packs, enhancing your squad and potentially leading to valuable pulls during the TOTS period.

Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to add Gabri Veiga to your squad or bolster your club with valuable rewards!

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