Elden Ring 1.10 Best Spirit Ashes Guide

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Spirit ashes in Elden Ring are spectral duplicates of characters and foes that aid you in battle. These allies divert attention and inflict damage, making them valuable assets. Obtain these ashes across the Lands Between to summon them during combat. Each ash varies in stats, abilities, and utility, ranging from tanking to ranged assaults and status effects like bleeding. Here's our Elden Ring 1.10 spirit ash tier list to guide your summons and combos effectively.

Top 10 - Crystalian Ashes

Crystalian defense is robust, making it a top-tier tank in patch 1.10. Even armored builds pale in comparison, except against strike damage. Its survival prowess makes it a stellar protector, absorbing hits while you engage from afar.

Top 9 - Marionette Soldier Ashes & Latenna the Albinauric

Both excel in ranged attack accuracy. They synergize well with melee builds, creating a frontline while they rain arrows from behind. Latenna's longer range and magic damage make her a reliable marksman.

Top 8 - Blackflame Monk Amon Ashes

Amon deals significant damage but lacks defense. Ideal for offensive builds that can handle enemy assaults, he unleashes devastating black flames to decimate foes.

Top 7 - Banished Knight Oleg

Oleg's aggressive swordsmanship and fearless nature make him a formidable attacker, dominating the battlefield with his greatswords.

Top 6 - Spirit Jellyfish Ashes & Rotten Stray Ashes

These ashes excel at boss battles, inflicting passive damage over time. Their persistent effects continue until the enemy's demise, with the Jellyfish offering debuffs.

Top 5 - Black Knife Tiche

Tiche's versatility and high damage output make her invaluable in boss encounters, although her high FP cost and low health require strategic use.

Top 4 - Greatshield Soldier Ashes & Mausoleum Soldier Ashes

Greatshield Soldiers excel at defense, perfect for drawing aggro, while Mausoleum Soldiers focus on high-damage assaults. Together, they provide a balanced offense-defense strategy.

Top 3 - Redmane Knight Ogha

Ogha's versatility shines with ranged attacks and close combat prowess, making him a deadly asset when strategically positioned.

Top 2 - Dung Eater Puppet

With high durability and damage potential, the Puppet is a fierce combatant, applying debuffs and sustaining prolonged battles effectively.

Top 1 - Omenkiller Rollo

Rollo reigns supreme as a tanky, hard-hitting ally, excelling in inflicting bleed and poise damage, making him ideal for boss fights.

Choose your spirit ashes wisely based on your playstyle and combat strategy in Elden Ring's ever-evolving battles.

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