​Elden Ring: Five Wildly Fun Builds to Keep You Engaged

Jun-23-2023 categories: Elden Ring Tag: Elden Ring Items, buy Elden Ring Items

Are you eagerly waiting for Elden Ring's DLC and looking for ways to keep yourself engaged in the game? Look no further! In this article, we will explore five wildly fun builds that will provide you with a refreshing and versatile gameplay experience. From the Thor God of Thunder build to the Rising Sun build, these setups will keep you entertained and challenged. So grab your controller and get ready to dive into the world of Elden Ring!

   • Thor God of Thunder Build:

The Thor God of Thunder build combines strength and faith to create a versatile and powerful character. By utilizing lightning spells alongside the mighty brick hammer and Electrify Armament, this build offers over 800 AR. Additionally, Lion's Claw provides excellent posture damage, allowing you to tackle enemies with both melee attacks and lightning spells. With 50 points in strength, faith, and vigor, this build guarantees a thrilling and powerful gaming experience.

   • Ice Spear Build:

Unleash the power of frost with the Ice Spear build. By wielding the Clayman's Harpoon, you can build up frost damage while using the ice spear spell to freeze your foes. This build offers a mix of melee and spellcasting gameplay, making it a truly enjoyable and powerful option. With the right buffs and equipment, you'll be able to conquer even the toughest challenges in new game plus seven.

   • Fire Faith Katana Build:

Prepare to ignite your enemies with the Fire Faith Katana build. This build combines the power of faith and fire to maximize damage output. The Naga Kiba katana becomes your weapon of choice, boasting over 700 AR. With flame art spells and the ability to switch between fire and frost coatings, you'll have the versatility to adapt to any situation. Whether you prefer close-quarters combat or a mix of melee and spellcasting, this build offers an incredible range of options.

   • Rising Sun Build:

For those who favor pure strength, the Rising Sun build is a perfect fit. By wielding the Morning Star, you can inflict heavy damage and build up bleed effects. Lion's Claw complements this build, allowing for additional posture damage. This setup excels at crushing enemies, making it a formidable choice for new game plus seven. Unleash your strength and dominate the battlefield with this powerful build.

   • Powerful Dragon Build:

Last but not least, the Powerful Dragon build combines strength and endurance to create an unstoppable force. With the Morning Star as your weapon, you can unleash devastating attacks while building up bleed effects. This build also incorporates the thorny tier for additional damage boosts. With high strength and endurance stats, you'll be able to single-handedly take down formidable foes. Embrace your inner dragon and conquer the Elden Ring world.

In Elden Ring, the possibilities for character builds are endless. The five wildly fun builds discussed in this article provide a diverse and engaging gaming experience. Whether you prefer lightning spells, frost damage, fiery swordplay, brute strength, or a combination of these elements, there's a build that suits your playstyle. So, while you eagerly await the DLC, dive into the world of Elden Ring and unleash your creativity with these powerful and versatile character builds. May your journey be filled with thrilling battles and epic victories!