Elden Ring Guide: Mastering the Astrologer Class

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In Elden Ring, choosing the right class and building your character can significantly impact your gameplay experience. Among the diverse classes available, the Astrologer stands out as a formidable mage, wielding powerful spells and arcane abilities. This guide will help you understand how to build and play the Astrologer class effectively.

Base Stats Overview:

The Astrologer's base stats highlight their focus on magic and intelligence while sacrificing physical attributes:

Level: 6

Vigor: 9

Mind: 15

Endurance: 9

Strength: 8

Dexterity: 12

Intelligence: 16

Faith: 7

Arcane: 9

Starting Equipment and Spells:

The Astrologer starts with two potent spells, Glintstone Pebble and Glintstone Arc, making them a force to be reckoned with from the beginning. These spells are versatile, with Glintstone Pebble excelling in single-target combat and Glintstone Arc being effective against groups of enemies.

While the Astrologer begins with a basic sword, shield, and staff, their primary focus should be on utilizing magic. The staff remains a reliable weapon early on, although you'll find more powerful alternatives as you progress.

Tip: Prioritize allocating your flasks to favor FP (Focus Points) over HP (Health Points) at an 80-20 ratio, reflecting the Astrologer's reliance on magic.

Leveling Up Strategy:

When leveling up the Astrologer, prioritize enhancing Intelligence and Mind for increased spell potency and mana pool. Min-Maxing can be advantageous, focusing on key stats while allowing others like Strength and Vigor to remain lower.

Avoid investing in Faith, as it doesn't complement the Astrologer's playstyle and could detract from their primary strengths in intelligence-based magic.

Important Gear and Progression:

While acquiring better gear is beneficial, the Astrologer can function effectively with starting equipment early on. However, consider these key gear milestones:

Waypoint Ruins: Visit this area early to unlock a shop specializing in items for Intelligence builds. Acquire spells from the sorcerer here to enhance your magical arsenal.

Demi-Human Ruins: South of Limgrave, you'll find a powerful staff after defeating a mini-boss. This staff offers improved spellcasting capabilities compared to the starting staff.

Tip: Regularly explore new areas to discover unique spells and equipment that complement the Astrologer's abilities.

Playing as the Astrologer:

Maintain Distance: The Astrologer excels at ranged combat. Always keep a safe distance from enemies and utilize your spells to control the battlefield.

Use Cover: When facing enemies, position yourself behind obstacles like trees or rocks. This allows you to cast spells while minimizing incoming damage.

Manage Mana: Avoid casting spells with an empty mana pool, as it triggers a vulnerable animation. Monitor your mana reserves and replenish as needed.

Adapt and Improve: As you progress, experiment with new spells and strategies. Adapt your playstyle to leverage the diverse magical abilities available to the Astrologer.


The Astrologer in Elden Ring offers a thrilling and rewarding gameplay experience for players who enjoy mastering the arcane arts. By focusing on intelligence-based spells, managing resources efficiently, and adapting to different combat scenarios, you can unleash the full potential of the Astrologer class and conquer the challenges that await in the Lands Between.

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