​Experience percentage for businesses and boosting alts

My primary is an discomfort lock, discomfort has a grinding spec that is largely face tanking each mob in a sector and staying at 100% from all of the self recuperation.

I'd like to reinforce a clergyman on my second account and stage him with the aid of using hiding him in a secure nook at the same time as I grind on my lock of WoW WoTLK Classic Gold, does everyone recognize what the parameters are to now no longer get absolute shit xp?

I.e., does the mob want to be inside say, 8 degrees of the levelling person and withing four degrees of the max stage person?

Let me recognize, I've requested the elegance discord and executed a few Googling with out success.

The regions I'd be focused on are both onslaught harbor or the location wherein 40 mobs are dueling withinside the NW of Ice Crown.

FWIW: leveling a clergyman that’s absolutely geared for spirit isn’t horrific. You can get some objects from AH for lvl 70 tools like Swiftheal mantle (tradable recipe from BT/MH that crafts BoP shoulders), sunmote gloves, or maybe simply inexperienced spirit tools. PS: beasts deck/darkmoon card: blue dragon is to be had for a pair hundred gold in recent times and when you have a spirit tools set, that trinket is a virtually reasonably-priced manner to hold your priest regen off the charts. It’s now no longer as appropriate for holy raid recuperation because it become til TBC bc we were given wished however it nevertheless works and become virtually excellent at the same time as questing.

I leveled my priest 70-80 with simply questing. I become capable of DoT 6-8 mobs as shadow. Between vampiric include passive recuperation + devouring plague it’s pretty just like discomfort drain tanking (I’ve been leveling my lock as discomfort beyond couple of days). I don’t assume I went thru even a whole stack of water at the same time as questing bc my mana bar become nearly usually complete, and I had shadowfiend and dispersion to be had every time I were given into trouble. It become truly manner less difficult and quicker to quest on my priest than my t6 feral druid.

Kept up elixir of recuperation energy + elixir of draenic wisdom, alchemy career with alchemy trinket, had staaaacks of mana pots that I slightly used however every time I wished they have been very OP. Also had weapon oils and meals from my TBC raid stash that could be vain for Wrath raiding.

Personally in spite of having a couple of accounts, I locate that truly managing “attending to a secure spot” and putting in car observe repeatedly, having to utilize patron monitors and so forth simply makes matters take longer for cheap WoTLK Gold. If each your toons want some thing you could argue that it taking longer is higher than doing it two times, however simply to attempt and “velocity up” the priest leveling doesn’t appear really well worth it. Truly, priest questing is WAY higher than human beings assume, and I don’t do any of the “spend 1/2 of the combat wanding to regen mana” strat human beings suggest.