​Firepower CRIT/SPEC Testing

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I've been pretty curious approximately the Spec component whilst gambling FP Artillerist and after having examined a couple of instances and as compared the harm among BE and FP, right here are the numbers and builds. Card Set for all assessments could be LOS 18 (7% holy dmg) and bracelet i've used, both Precise 3% crit on hit or Hammer 10% crit harm. Gems are degree nine Air raid and Homing. The relaxation are at degree eight. Weapon pleasant 97, +20. The numbers you spot are a mean of five runs in line with set and gears, get cheap lost ark gold from p2pah.com. For the capabilities, i am nonetheless the usage of the antique construct, aka, Turret, Air raid, Napalm, Flamethrower, Rocket, Homing, Forward barrage. You would possibly ask why, it is simply due to desire throughout raids it truly is all.

3mins dmg take a look at HM + CD + FP + GR + KBW + SA 2Stats 1764 crit and 543 swiftNightmare Set with crit bracelet980,673,662 millDps 5,448,186

3mins dmg take a look at Adren + CD + FP + GR + KBW + SA 2 (hammer bracelet)Stats 1764 crit, one hundred and 5 spec and 543 swiftNightmare set1,005,621,546Dps 5,586,785 Spec Bracelet with Hammer 10percentStats 1764 crit, one hundred and 5 spec and 543 swiftNightmare set1,014,473,370 millDps 5,635,962

3mins dmg take a look at HM + CD + FP + GR + KBW + SA 2 (hammer bracelet) ( failed to hassle to check greater than three instances with crit bracelet and the damages had been too low)Stats 1707 crit, seven-hundred spec and 107swiftNightmare set1,072,989,777 millDps 5,961,053

3mins dmg take a look at Adren + CD + GR + FP + KBW + SA 2 (hammer bracelet)Stats 1707 crit, seven-hundred spec and 107 swiftNightmare set1,084,266,505dps 5,962,029

Spec appears to be doing "OK?" for FP artillerist despite the fact that the largest trade i have visible changed into while i had at the least seven-hundred spec paired with Adren. Now in case you examine the largest end result right here to a BE Artillerist, it is nonetheless some distance off, however with the incoming buff across the corner, it must carry FP arti a touch bit closer. A BE Artillerist for the identical assessments must be doing round one hundred fifteen mill and six mill dps for positive. I nonetheless would not run Spec on FP arti aleven though xD. Thanks to folks who took the time to study. And yeah, changed into bored xD.

I assume that is neat.

There's now no longer too many humans checking out round FPE, so to be had information is quite restrained. And the information this is to be had can on occasion have extraordinary checking out strategies and make bizarre comparisons.

My questions:

1,Why are you evaluating the outcomes of Precise vs Hammer if the take a look at is concerning Spec?

2,Why are you jogging 1700+ Crit?

3,Why are you evaluating Adren vs HM?

4,What changed into your rotation, if any, and did you maintain it consistent among assessments? 4a. Did you operate Quick Recharge, and did it proc greater/much less in a number of the assessments?