​How difficult will you gatekeep reapers

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Out of interest how difficult will you gatekeep reapers? Unlike scouter this isn’t a 2gem elegance. I anticipate each leggo books will he among 15-20k Lost Ark gold.

Ambush grasp will move up. And probable anybody will appearance to piggyback on them with ordinary/ghl stones among 50-60 euc.

So despite explicit constructing a great reaper can be among 500k and a Mil gold.

What might be your lowest threshold to just accept a cheapo reaper?

IMHO the most important motive for gatekeeping on this sport is the insane quantity of raids you need to do, as soon as you've got got a roster.

If, we could say, you simply needed to do your dailies + 1 weekly raid in step with person… then OK. You can take a few lack of time, or threat a chunk extra (I member Valtan launch era).

But having to do three raids (thats eight gates) in step with 1475+ person, plus any other 2 raids (five gates) + argos in step with 1430+ person is simply an excessive amount of time, so humans determine tto gatekeep the whole lot and dont lose a minute, much less 1/2 of an hour. We already lose an excessive amount of time in clown raids and occasionally in vykas/valtan whilst a few pepegas be part of.

I even have observed an insane quantity of gatekeeping in each raid in Lost Ark on the grounds that Clown releases, and that is for that motive. Too a great deal stuff to do now. There isn't even time for horizontal now.

AND matters will move even worse with breshaza, which has 6 gates, and with humans having extra characters leveled up (believe doing 12 raid gates PER CHARACTER withinside the destiny). The gatekeeping can be even extra insane then ineach factor of the sport, so be organized: humans wont have time for the whole lot, will gatekeep difficult the whole lot and I wager they may get extra anxious, extra aggresive or even extra poisonous in opposition to every different.

ONTOPIC I dont suppose I will choose out any reaper till they're 58+ degree and right construct, barring Argos. But now no longer for being reaper, simply similar to lance grasp, arcana, scouter once they got here. Destroyer turned into a chunk of a distinctive scenario, reason they died much less and maintained a few harm. But the alternative three training have been a liability. Reaper can be even worse.