​How should I begin playing WoW

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In the title, I've never played WoW prior to. I've played a few thousand hours of runescape in the past as well as a few thousand in other games however, WoW was never a game that enticed me.

I'm bored by different games and I'm trying to find a new sink, so long as it's an MMO that ranges from actionRPG, to tactical to sandbox. The thing I love the most is playing multiplayer.

I tried downloading the regular WoW earlier. The first thing I noticed was there was nobody about. Played for a while without ever seeing anyone . Chatters told me to purchase the expension that gives the player automatically level 50 or some such thing.

It seems like the purpose of any game is to increase your level, and I wasn't sure what the point was. It was then that everything felt useless since if I wanted to play Shadowlands, I would have to buy the level 50 and that would essentially make it impossible to continue my solo quests.

I'm now thinking that traditional WoW could be more effective?

However, I'm not sure which one to download at first. Is it possible to download WoW Classic as well as Burning Crusade? Is there any advice on that? Any other suggestions? Is it possible for a newcomer to WoW be able to get started by 2022 and actually be a fan?

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