​How To Make OSRS Gold Fast

Dec-22-2021 categories: runescape

A common question that both veterans and new players share alike is: what’s the best way for me to make OSRS gold in Old School RuneScape?

In this article, we’ll outline the best way to make gold for your account. Whilst there are many different methods, not all are as efficient as others. Another consideration is that since the economy of the game is player-driven, you should factor in the fact there will be fluctuations in prices of items dependent on supply and demand, so some methods may be more profitable than usual at certain times. For example, if a new boss is released in Kharyrll, it may be best to create and sell teleport tablets for that location whilst it’s high in demand.


Flipping is one of the best ways to make a profit within the game and can be done at any stage. If you’ve got a high amount of starting cash, you can flip items like Twisted Bows or Barrows armor.

Essentially, the idea is that some people may need cash quickly for items. This means they’ll sell some items for a lower price than they’re worth to get an instant sale, as most players don’t want to wait for hours to collect their sale profit, especially if they need that gold to buy something else now. Because they are selling items well below market value, their sale will go through instantly. And if you’ve put an offer for a lower amount, you’ll be able to purchase an item for a lower value than it’s actually worth. Following that, you can list the item for sale for a higher price (its actual market value), with the caveat of having to actually wait for a buyer.

However, this works for all kinds of items: high value, low value, frequently and infrequently traded. If the price of a feather is worth 3gp, you can put an offer for 10,000 feathers at 2gp and then relist them for sale at 3gp and you’ve instantly made a profit. Although, it can be more profitable to target items that are higher value and less frequently traded (as people will list inpatient offers).

One other consideration is that the Grand Exchange tracker price isn’t necessarily accurate. It uses trading data that’s available, some cosmetic items or unused enchanted crossbow bolts may appear to sell for a high gold value, but they may have an extremely low trading frequency. Therefore it can be useful to use an external tracking client like RuneLite to get a more accurate read on Grand Exchange prices.

The only disadvantage of this method is really that you’ll have to be patient, no matter the amount of gold you start with. However, the upside of that is that you don’t have to needlessly grind something like mining for hours at a time!