I'm crazy excited that WoW Classic is coming

May-16-2019 categories: WoW

I'm crazy excited that WoW Classic is coming.

Blizzard officially announced that World of Warcraft classic nostalgic clothes will be officially opened on August 27. At the same time, nostalgia clothes will be opened on Wednesday, August 14. Players with the remaining game time in their passes can create characters. Each World of Warcraft account can create up to three characters. ?

It is reported that today we will open a closed Beta test for a few players only. As for the version number and achievement system of nostalgic clothes, we need to wait for the official to make it more public.

In addition, when World of Warcraft is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary, the government has also launched a limited edition of "World of Warcraft's fifteenth anniversary collector Limited gift box". The Limited gift box is priced about 100 dollars. It contains a 10-inch statue of Lagnaros, a mouse pad for Azeroth Map, exquisite paintings and Onyxia pins. In addition, it will give World of Warcraft 30 days of game time and exclusive game virtual mount (Alliance Marble Storm Claw - Tribal Marble Thunder Wing).You can see other wow news in here.

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