Imo combo stun technique is not too strong in POE

Imo combo stun technique is not too strong. The perks it provides are strong, yes, but they only shine when combined with other strong defenses that increase your max attack and also come with some pretty hefty opportunity costs.

Combined opportunity cost:

- Two jewelry sockets.

- Progensis (over 20 divs and one flask slot; requires 100% available jars) and/or Petrified Blood (35% pre-order).

- No on build or EB or magic agnostic or replica equipment (different jar slot and requires 100% jar uptime).

- Brine King's Soul cannot be obtained for Freeze/Reflection Immunity.

- Recovery on device/tree.

These obvious opportunity costs can drastically limit the choice of equipment.

As for the defense it provides, it makes you invulnerable to any hit that hasn't hit you yet. This is very powerful, especially against normal mobs in the map and against specific mechanics like Exarch Balls. However, it's important to note that this does not increase your maximum number of shots at all. One shot one shot will get you one shot regardless.

Whatever you invest in it can be invested in alternative defenses or attacks that won't be as free as when building explosive totems i.e. taking physics like, life, hiding avoid, evade, armor, suppress, prevent, divine flesh, etc.

There's a reason why matching is only 7% on, which breaks when people make sounds. I also think they might be nerfing Determination + Aegis Aurora in 3.17, as it makes you invulnerable on quick lows. The Melding nerf is supposed to be an indirect nerf to scale the max hit on it, and that should be enough.

I think Bloodnotch is a bit weirder than the indirect nerf.

If they reduce the power of Proogenesis, farming Maven is going to be pretty lousy. If they nerf all Phys sources that are considered eles, then I'm most worried about Watcher's Eyes and Uber Elder Farming (which is barely worth it at the moment). And the potions of Ele, Mageblood are pretty much defeated. What remains is the ES Mastery nerf, where changing the zero makes a difference and changing the mechanics either completely kills the combo or directly nerfs the gems.

I think the best picks are 700% max roll for Force Immutable, so that doesn't reduce the stun time to less than a tick but still gets us close enough to invest a little more as well. deserve to be punished or drastically increase the rarity for both gems.

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