Incinerate Occultist Guide: Mastering Low Life and Channeling Power in Path of Exile

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Welcome to this comprehensive guide, Exiles! In this edition, we're delving into yet another fire-based build and a reworked skill gem. What sets this incinerate build apart is the unique twist of embracing the low life playstyle. By reserving over 65% of our life with auras and relying on energy shield as the primary life source, we open the gateway to a powerful and budget-friendly setup.

To make low life viable, the key item here is the unique Chevrons Wrappings, which deflects chaos damage to our energy shield. Luckily, in the current patch, obtaining this unique is both cheap and accessible. Going low life enables us to reserve more auras on our life for added power. We leverage the Pain Attunement keystone for a substantial 30% more multiplier to our spell damage. Coupled with the Occultist's exceptional energy shield bonuses, we achieve comfortable effective HP values even with budget gear, eliminating the need for a life flask.

Now, let's dive into the revamped incinerate. Unlike the previous ignite build, this one focuses on scaling critical strikes. Incinerate is a channeling skill that gains damage per stage channeled, releasing a devastating wave of fire upon reaching its maximum stages. Our goal is to achieve high cast speed and reliable critical strike chance to unleash this destructive wave as quickly and frequently as possible.

As a lowlife incinerator Occultist, we discover that this build is both enjoyable and effective. While not recommended for league starters, it remains reasonably priced, particularly if you secure Chevrons Wrappings early on. The build excels in both mapping and boss encounters, with the flexibility to switch to other spells if desired.

Offensively, we focus on scaling generic spell damage, critical strikes, cast speed, and elemental wheels in the passive tree. Adding offensive auras like Herald of Ash enhances our damage output. Curses play a crucial role, and as an Occultist, we take advantage of Assassin's Mark and Flammability for critical strike scaling and damage boosts. The occultist's ability to make cursed enemies explode for chaos damage significantly aids in clearing speed.

Defensively, our energy shield becomes our lifeline. With the Occultist ascendancy, we gain energy shield benefits, stun immunity, uninterrupted energy shield recharge, and regeneration upon enemy kills. We incorporate life leech and Ghost Reaver for additional sustain, ensuring our survivability even during intense boss encounters.

For mapping, we introduce a unique playstyle utilizing Brightbeak and Shield Charge or the optional Cassiopeia Channeling and Body Swap combination for uninterrupted channeling. Bossing involves setting up Orb of Storms for arcane surge and power charge generation, complemented by Righteous Fire for a substantial spell damage boost.

Pros of the build include its versatility across different content, exceptional top-end damage, and efficiency in both mapping and boss encounters. The relatively low starting cost adds to its appeal.

However, the energy shield playstyle may feel unnatural for some, and the absence of an emergency life flask could be challenging. Min-maxing the build might require investments in Eldar rare items and specific Watcher's Eye modifiers.

In summary, this lowlife incinerate Occultist offers a unique and potent playstyle, showcasing the strengths of energy shield-based builds. Whether you're exploring the world of lowlife characters or seeking a powerful incinerate experience, this guide has you covered.

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