Interview with Classic Old Age: Nostalgia Dresses No Riding Mall

May-23-2019 categories: WoW

For the development team, rebuilding the classic Warcraft is a fascinating thing, and they are also thinking about whether it can bring some inspiration to the current version of World of Warcraft, such as the design of outdoor content.

Official service player community is much more complex than classical service. Most of the things in classical clothes are unchanged, and the answers to many questions are definite, but the formal clothes are different, and many questions have no ready-made answers.Click here.

The development team wants to maintain a healthy server population and does not intend to open too many servers to avoid a series of ghost clothes problems after the boom fades.

Layered systems will only be used in the first few weeks, and when players disperse around the world, this mechanism will be abolished, especially after the Open World Boss, there will never be such a mechanism.

Each tier can accommodate the same number of players as the entire server in that year.

There will be no mounts or pet stores in classic clothes.Do you need wow private server gold?

It's nice to go back and be an anonymous adventurer, but in formal clothes, you've beaten so many major villains that you can't continue to be an anonymous.

This Beta test is small because, unlike formal clothes, classical clothes only need to test whether everything is working properly, whether it is restored correctly, and not to test what is interesting and what needs to be weakened.

The classic version focuses on the process rather than the result, so even if players don't have much time to play, they can have a lot of fun.

Classic clothes use the same server architecture as formal clothes.

Some weird little Bugs that are not serious or abusive are actually retained.

Whether the classic clothes will update the follow-up content after all, for this point, the players'feedback will be very important.

The development team uses the new version of the code at development time, and then replaces the old version of the data in.

The development interface uses a new architecture, but ultimately players will see the old game content.

Old code can only identify servers as completely independent groups, and the new architecture is more shared and efficient in this respect.

The development team recovered a large number of old images and textures from the old data. They deleted the new version of the image and used the old image on the basis of the new code.

With the opening of phased content, some tasks will be unlocked with the opening of content. For example, the pre-mission of Naxramas will only be unlocked after the opening of Naxramas.

The Sir Silver Brotherhood mission in the scorching valley should be opened directly at the opening of the service.

This time, the earliest mounting system is used, which is inexpensive and expensive.(cheap wow classic gold)

The development team will redo some of the magic mechanisms with some new versions of the technology to solve the problem of serious Katon caused by too many players in the same place.

The development team has a plan for the number of servers, and if the number of players on a server affects the game experience too little later, the server consolidation will take place.

The opening time of each stage will be determined by the feedback from the players and the progress of most players.