Is Last Epoch Worth Playing in 2024

Last Epoch, after five years of development, released its 1.0 version in 2024, joining the ranks of action RPGs like Diablo and Path of Exile. Here's why Last Epoch is a game worth considering this year:

Flexible Character Builds: Last Epoch offers five base classes with three subclasses each, providing diverse playstyles and skills. Its intricate skill trees with hundreds of nodes allow for deep customization, letting players create unique hybrid builds and experiment with various playstyles.

Engaging Loot System: The game features a rewarding loot system with rare and unique items, including affixes that modify skills or grant new ones. Crafting adds depth, allowing players to enhance items with runes and glyphs, although it carries a risk of failure. Platforms like SSEGold offer Last Epoch gold for those looking to buy or trade for items.

Challenging Endgame Content: Last Epoch's endgame includes the Monolith of Fate, offering randomly generated maps with modifiers and rewards. Players can also explore different eras in Eterra's history, face historical enemies, and engage in the Arena for wave-based challenges. This variety ensures long-lasting engagement.

Immersive World: Eterra's rich lore, diverse NPCs, and hidden secrets create an immersive experience. Quests and side stories flesh out the world, rewarding exploration with hidden areas and easter eggs that deepen the game's lore.

However, Last Epoch does have areas that could be improved:

Server Stability: Issues like disconnects, long loading times, and lag have affected some players' experiences. Improved server infrastructure and optimization could enhance overall gameplay.

Story and Quest Design: While the world is rich, some find the main story linear and side quests repetitive. Adding more branching choices, consequences, and meaningful side quests could enhance storytelling.

Balance and Difficulty: Players have noted balance issues with skills and items, and some find endgame content grind. More frequent balance patches and diverse endgame modes could address these concerns.

In conclusion, Last Epoch's innovative gameplay, deep customization, and immersive world make it a compelling choice for action RPG fans in 2024. While it has areas for improvement, its strengths outweigh the drawbacks, offering an engaging and enjoyable experience for players seeking a fresh take on the genre.

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