Last Epoch Farming Guide: Discover the Best Spots for Loot

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In Last Epoch, farming is a crucial pursuit for acquiring unique or set items that enhance your character's power. These valuable items drop from bosses across various locations such as dungeons and arenas, or anywhere in the game where the zone level exceeds that of the desired item. Target farming, a strategic approach, allows players to focus on specific types of items in different regions of the game world.

Target farming in Last Epoch is segmented into four cardinal directions:

North: Focus on farming armor items.

South: Target trinkets and jewelry.

East: Seek out powerful weapons.

West: Hunt for idols, runes, and glyphs.

Bosses drop specific items, with drop rates varying based on the type of boss encountered. The Monolith of Fate presents four tiers of boss drops:

Common: Each boss has two common drops, but only one is rewarded per kill.

Rare: These drops are less frequent but can be improved with the rarity of the item.

Rare Empowered Only: Limited to specific empowered timelines, these drops are rare but obtainable during their designated period.

Ravenous Void: Exceptionally rare drops, occasionally found at Gaspar.

Alternatively, unique or set items can randomly drop anywhere in the world, provided the player's level matches the accessibility of the area. Rewards for collecting these items include Rune of Ascendance, a rare crafting material that converts common, rare, magic, or exalted items into unique or set items.

Best Spots for Target Farming:

Fall of the Outcast: Hunt for bows and quivers.

Stolen Lance: Seek wands, catalysts, scepters, and staves.

Raya in the Black Sun: Find helmets and shields.

Blood Frost and Death: Acquire body armor.

Flagon: Collect gloves.

Heart and Ship: Pursue belts.

Reign of Dragons: Engage for swords, axes, and daggers.

Additional Tips for Effective Farming:

Empowered Monoliths: Increase drop rates and special node chances by farming in higher corruption-empowered monoliths.

Timelines: Focus on specific timelines to target desired unique or set items.

Location-Based Uniques: Certain items are exclusive to specific monoliths.

Lower Level Content: Return to lower level areas for bulk farming to enhance skills.

Vessel of Memory: Reset completed regular echoes and beacons for farming efficiency.

For a lucrative farming experience, consider empowered monoliths with higher corruption levels, which offer superior rewards and challenges. As your character progresses through Last Epoch's rich narrative, explore timelines and empower your character to face the trials ahead. And remember, Last Epoch offers a comprehensive gaming experience without additional microtransactions, allowing you to enjoy the journey of character progression without further investment.

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