Last Epoch Monolith Timeline Rewards (Boss Drops) & Target Farming Guide

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In Last Epoch, the Monolith of Fate stands as the pinnacle of end-game content, offering players a journey through alternate realities known as Timelines. These Timelines hold not only lore but also valuable rewards that can significantly enhance your character's power. This guide aims to unveil the intricacies of Last Epoch's Monolith system, detailing Timeline rewards, boss drops, and effective farming strategies to help you navigate this challenging but rewarding end-game experience.

Understanding the Monolith of Fate:

The Monolith of Fate serves as the ultimate challenge in Last Epoch, allowing players to explore diverse Timelines diverging from the game's main storyline. Each Timeline represents a unique alternate reality, complete with its challenges, enemies, and layouts. As players progress through Timelines, they face Echoes - instances with consistent area levels that increase in difficulty.

Rewards and Progression:

Each Timeline offers distinct rewards, including unique and set items, as well as Blessings - permanent character buffs. Completing all Quest Echoes within a Timeline unlocks the next one and grants the opportunity to select a Blessing. Conquering the most challenging Timelines unlocks Empowered Timelines, offering even greater rewards and challenges.

Last Epoch Timeline Rewards:

Each Timeline features exclusive rewards, including unique and set items tailored to specific types.

Timelines such as "Fall of the Outcasts" and "Reign of Dragons" unlock unique items like bows, quivers, helmets, shields, and more.

Empowered Timelines like "Spirits of Fire" and "The Last Ruin" offer exclusive items crucial for tackling higher difficulties.

Last Epoch Monolith Boss Drops:

Bosses in the Monolith drop specific unique/set items, with drop rates scaling with the timeline's corruption level.

Empowered timeline bosses also drop additional empowered-specific unique items, offering further incentives for challenging content.


Completing Timelines grants Blessings, permanent character buffs that enhance various aspects of gameplay.

Players can reroll or swap Blessings by completing Timelines again, with the number of blessings increasing as they progress through higher corruption levels.

Best Empowered Monolith Timeline Farming Strategy:

Aim to unlock empowered Monoliths quickly by completing top-tier Timelines.

Target farm specific Timelines for desired items or Blessings.

Manage corruption wisely, balancing difficulty with loot quality and experience gains.

Utilize special Echoes and boss encounters to maximize rewards and stability.

Prioritize Echoes that contribute to your farming goals, whether it's obtaining better gear or enhancing your character's build.

Optimize farming efficiency by adjusting loot filters and balancing priorities between gear and Blessings.

In conclusion, Last Epoch's intricate Prophecy and Lens system, coupled with the Circle of Fortune faction's telescopic enhancements, offer players unparalleled control over their loot-hunting endeavors. With the insights gained from this guide, you can navigate the intricacies of Prophecy Lenses effectively, minimizing the grind and maximizing your loot gains. So why wait? Enhance your Last Epoch experience today with MMOexp's reliable and secure Last Epoch Gold and Boosting services, ensuring you have the resources you need to conquer the challenges that await in this captivating ARPG world.