League of Legends Patch 13.12: Champion and Item Changes

Jul-12-2023 categories: League Of Legends Tag: League of Legends Account

League of Legends Patch 13.12 brings exciting updates to the game, with adjustments to champions and items. In this article, we will delve into the details of the changes, focusing on the most impactful alterations that will affect the solo queue meta. Whether you're an aspiring pro player or a casual gamer looking to improve, this patch has something for everyone.

Item Alterations

Several items have received buffs and nerfs in Patch 13.12. Static Shiv has been buffed for the second patch in a row, making it a potential rush item for ADCs like Sivir, Vayne, Kai'Sa, Caitlyn, and Quinn. Phantom Dancer has also become more viable, particularly benefiting champions like Sivir, Tryndamere, and Tristana. Immortal Shieldbow has received a buff to its lifesteal, but it is unlikely to see a significant increase in popularity. Moonstone, an underwhelming support item, has been buffed for the second consecutive patch, making it a more potent option for champions like Soraka.

Nerfs to Items

Galeforce has been nerfed, affecting champions like Yasuo and Yone, while Rapid Firecannon has also received a significant nerf, impacting champions like Jinx, Caitlyn, and Lucian. Bloodthirster has undergone a cost increase, primarily affecting Yasuo and Yone. Overheal has been adjusted, offering a stronger shield but scaling with maximum health. Enchanter items, such as Ardent Censer and Mandate, have also received nerfs, impacting champions like Lulu, Yuumi, and Janna.

Mid Lane Gold Changes

In a slight adjustment, mid-lane gold will no longer receive one less gold per minion kill compared to the bot and top lane. Although not a game-breaking change, it adds around 100 extra gold for mid-layers depending on their farming performance.

Champion Changes

Several champions have received buffs and nerfs in Patch 13.12. Gangplank has received a late-game buff to his E recharge timer, making him stronger at level 13. Rumble has undergone massive alterations, including increased maximum heat, overheat attack speed, and changes to his base health and ability damage. Nasus has received small buffs, primarily affecting his passive lifesteal and cooldown reduction. Cassiopeia's E cooldown has been increased, making her a less favorable pick for solo queue.

Jungle Changes

Gragas has received a passive cooldown increase, impacting both lane and jungle Gragas. Kha'Zix has been nerfed, particularly his base AD, reducing his overall power. Ivern and Rek'Sai have been buffed significantly, making them strong picks for the jungle in this patch. Jarvan IV, Kindred, and Evelyn are also solid choices for low ELO players.

Mid Lane Changes

Orianna has been buffed, with increased ratios and base damage. Ryze has also received buffs, primarily affecting his passive and E ability. Despite these changes, Ryze will likely remain in the mid-lane C-tier.


League of Legends Patch 13.12 brings a diverse range of changes to champions and items. While some adjustments have a more significant impact on the game and account, others have a relatively minor effect. As the meta evolves, it is crucial for players to adapt and explore new strategies. Whether you're a top laner, jungle, mid laner, or ADC, this patch offers opportunities to experiment and find success. So jump into the game and discover how the latest changes can enhance your League of Legends experience.