Legendary Articles: A Guide to Ancient and Ancient Flood and Waste Articles

May-30-2019 categories: WoW

Ancient objects played an important role in the 17th season. As long as you don't have any set bonuses, every ancient item you equip will increase your damage by 750% and reduce your damage by 4%. Maybe you've been away for a long time and are not familiar with the latest season and updates. Let's help you quickly review and clarify the differences between legends, ancient and ancient flood and waste items. Generally speaking, ancient and ancient flood and wasteland items are enhanced versions of legendary items, which are similar to legendary items, except that basic attributes (damage quality and armor value) and all non-percentage attributes will dice higher maximum and minimum values.We have wow private server gold if you need to click on it.

Ancient and Ancient Flood and Waste Goods:

When this item falls for the first time, its attributes are usually based on the character you are playing.

Sets can also dice out ancient and ancient flood and waste items.

You can't equip more than one item with the same name, even if one is an ancient item and one is not.

No percentage attributes will be enhanced (e.g. attack speed, Skill Bonus percentage, or critical chance/damage)

Ancient objects

Only in level 70 roles and in pain level difficulty

When ancient objects fall, they emit the same orange light as legendary objects.

It must be identified to know whether it is an ancient object or not.

After being identified as an ancient object, the article prompts that there will be orange frames (green boxes for package items), and the words "ancient" appear in the description of the item.

Sources include monsters, treasure boxes, kadara Bloodstone fragments, Heladim treasure boxes, Kanai cubes or blacksmiths.

Ancient flood articles

Ancient floods and wastes shed red light when they fell.

The source is like the legendary items in the game, including the Heradime Treasure Box, Kadara and Kanai Rubik's Cube, but the magnificent mystery of level 70 must be completed first.

Such items will be more rare than ancient equipment and have the perfect properties of the level of ancient items, including the legendary ability of the item.

Design Concept of Ancient Flood and Waste Goods

The main object of ancient flood equipment is to actively engage in the game's top players, to provide them with specific equipment has been collected and completed the season challenges, but also to continue to pursue the goal of perfection. These devices are also suitable for off-season players, especially those who have extraordinary equipment and spent a lot of time upgrading their peak and legendary gemstone levels. We hope that players who are already equipped with ancient equipment will still be able to maintain the novelty of the game and still have the excitement and expectation of seeing the equipment fall and gambling with Kadara with bloodrock debris. Ancient flood and waste equipment can also enable players who actively participate in the game to acquire a more satisfying sense of achievement after collecting specific configuration equipment, and no longer need to bother to continue upgrading one of the equipment.

I hope that the above information can enhance your understanding of the ancient and ancient floods and wilderness, and I wish you all a smooth trip to Dabao.Of course,there is a gift of cheap wow classic gold.