​Lost Ark: P3 Argos

I got my friend up to 1370 last week, and also did P3 Argos. I've only done P3 3 times for my main, who has only recently reached 1400.

I didn't have any issues regarding P1 or P2 at all. P3 is where it gets a bit nauseous because there are some issues that are really difficult to stay clear of. I started using purple potions for P3. I used only blue potions for P2.

Also, I only had purple armor and some random yellow rings that I picked up from the two 1370 abyss-based dungeons I fought that same day. Yellow armor that I made had lower stats and I didn't have any materials to refine it.

Ingravings were awakening. blessed aura 3 and perhaps expert 1? The pattern has changed since P3.

The blessed aura did not show appearing as frequently because of the blocked abilities. It is painful if awakening is blocked. This can result in many piety gains are loss.

A majority of people are searching for bubbles, heals, or damage reduction. But your attack comes mostly about boosting your damage. If you're a "fighter" during a fight that I've experienced during guardian raids and your team has terrible DPS lol.

I could make a 333 but I'm not interested in using the pheons feature on my personal account right now, which is why I'm still 331 or some such. I'm planning to refine my skills as much as I can prior to doing P3 once more. So far I'm at 1375 as you I'm guessing it'll be a little more straightforward than the last time lol.

Also I took part in P3 argos the day before reset. morning before the reset which meant I was in the group with what could be left of the people who did not have it earlier.

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