Love and war await you in the latest RuneScape update

Feb-12-2022 categories: runescape Tag: cheap runescape gold, rs gold

Runescape's latest update is now live, and it kicks off the Reckoning of War event, as well as Valentine's Day celebrations and preparations for runescape gold the upcoming Double XP event.

The reckoning of the war is coming, and the event has some twists and turns. Abominations will arrive on February 28th, but it's time to prepare for their arrival first. From February 7th to February 28th, you can get ready for the abomination to crawl out. Meet War at War's Retreat and he'll send you out to fight in his name, with some twists and rewards.

One of the most notable rewards is a safe death. The Safe Death bonus is not just a free death bonus, it also allows you to respawn with all your items. No need to recycle them. This will allow those who qualify for the privilege to go to battle without worrying too much about the outcome. Most of these bonuses are available to players, but there are some restrictions for members and some ironmen are not included. For example, safe deaths are limited to non-hardcore hardcore members.

There's also double the Killer and Reaper points, which reduces the cooldown and invention consumption rate of Mark of War. Both are slashed by 50%. You'll also have better luck on the rare drop table, and 50% more Killer XP on missions outside of double XP days). There is also an ancient overlord golem at the war retreat.

If Valentine's Day is more your thing, take part in the Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt from February 10-14. Returning from 2016 is a potential prize for the Scepter of Enchantment, which is now tradable until used. The oil of enchantment is the cost of the scepter. Use the Scepter for a 4% XP boost and a 24-hour campfire HP boost, and for those around you, a 2% XP boost and a 2-hour campfire boost. Euclid can also get additional prices, including cheap gold osrs a heart balloon, a bouquet of flowers, a lover or foe medal, a goblin house pet, some titles, dances, and even emotes.