​Madden 20 Reaction: What is still missing from Madden

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Easy 32 Aggregation Control

- Absolutely simply, I wish the adeptness we had in Madden 12 and before. I wish to run my authorization as MY TEAM. But I wish to be able to play ANY bold I want. If I admission a authorization as the Broncos, and I absence the playoffs, I wish to be able to play in the AFC Championship Bold if its' the Patriots vs the Steelers.


- Edit/ Actualize Coaches: Even admitting coaches are not a allotment of the coaches union, that never chock-full them from abacus Chad Masters (Bill Belichick). Accord us all-encompassing coaches, and accord us the adeptness to adapt their appearance, name, and apprenticeship style. I would AT LEAST like to see coordinators.

- Playbooks: Every aggregation has a agnate playbook or agnate plays, aswell if it suggests plays, it usually suggests assertive plays for assertive situations. In a bearings like 4th and 1 in the average of a abutting game, for appropriate plays, if Belichick is your coach, you are apparently traveling to go for it. However, if you get a added bourgeois guy like Jim Caldwell, it will about consistently advance punt. I could go into this more, but you can use your imagination.

- Assistant/ Academy Coaches: It is not absolute about in the NFL that a arch drillmaster moves from one aggregation to the next demography up a arch apprenticeship spot. Every year we get new coaches in the NFL, but in Madden, Arch coaches consistently get recycled to another jobs. I wish to see coaches like NCAA had them with all 120 colleges arch coaches, and two coordinators, as able-bodied as Madden on the PS2 if you not alone had abettor coaches, but you aswell had retired players yield up coaching.

- Retired players as coaches

- Scouting: How abounding aloof credibility you get anniversary year/ anniversary based on how acceptable at aloof your coach/ gm is. Anyone like Pete Carrol for example... he alone had one aces in the top 10 (Russell Okung) but he nailed his afterwards annular picks like Kam Chancellor, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman...)

- Motivator: Can you get your players accursed up for bold day? Are you traveling to get the a lot of out of your players? Players will not bead in all-embracing afterwards a bad performance, or they get a little addition in all-embracing accomplishment afore a game, depending on how abundant of a motivator you are.

- *Recruiter:*Obviously something you would anticipate would be important in college, it is just as admired for the NFL with the Chargeless Agency. Can you allocution that big name amateur into abutting your team. Players amount abounding factors into breadth they are traveling to sign; money, success, arrangement fit, location, and coaching. Peyton Manning apparently would admission been a Bronco if it weren't for John Elway talking him into it.

- Position Expert: Anytime apprehension how some coaches consistently acquisition a way to accomplish a position on their aggregation work? Like Mike Shanahan... I don't anticipate he has anytime had a active aback not play at a pro basin ability for him. Alfred Morris, Clinton Portis, Mike Anderson, Terrell Davis, and Olandis Gary.

Historical Stat Tracking

- Commentary and in bold banners for tracking stats If I hit a big milestone, I wish to apprehend about it. If I breach a big record, I wish to be able to see that account adventure yield up the foreground page of my CFM homepage. If I actualization my amateur card, I wish to see career stats torn down by anniversary year, and what aggregation that amateur was on that year.

- All-Time List: Madden currently advance the leaders for a important stats, but alone shows the Top 10 in its corresponding area. Madden needs to aggrandize its list. Appearance us breadth our accepted players rank in the best hasty list.

- Aggregation Records: Track aggregation records. If Tarik Cohen runs for 290 yards, it is not an NFL record; about it is a authorization almanac and should get recognized.

Legacy tracking/ Hall of Fame

- Making the Hall of Fame is a HUGE deal. So why does Madden downplay it to just a simple Tweet in the offseason?? I wish to see bequest array tracked harder than XP and Drive Goals. We consistently debate, who is better? Brady or Montana?

Well how air-conditioned would that be in Madden if they had the account lined up for all the NFL greats, and your alone players had to hunt them?? Things that would agency into that account would be stats, awards, cool bowls, records, career overall, and I am abiding there are added things that can be added. But that would add to the action of arena able 1 season. I acclimated to try to breach Emmitt Smiths' hasty almanac all the time as a kid, and I would adulation to see that be an accomplishment in Madden.

- Retirement: In fact affectation a retirement page that shows us anybody who retired from the league. Allow us to actuate players to breach in the alliance by alms incentives

Presentation ? Assorted Broadcast Options: Accord us an ESPN, NFL Network, & NBC/ Fox like presentation options to mix things up.

- Banners: If my aggregation won a cool bowl, I wish to see a championship banderole in my stadium

- Past/ Present References: Appearance promos or accomplish references to accessible amateur or performances in the past. If the Rams play the Patriots, I wish to apprehend them acknowledgment endure year's Cool Bowl

Weekly Wrap-Up Show/ Report:

- How nice would it be afterwards advancing through anniversary week, if they had a breakdown of what is traveling on in the league, and anniversary amateur results? Something that in fact meant something to the CFM. It would include

Scores/ stats/ highlights of anniversary game



Abrasion Updates

Aloof account from college

Power rankings

Torn Record

-Coaches on the hot seat

Create a:

- Team: Let us create/ rebrand a aggregation agnate to the way NCAA allowed. This would aswell cover amplification teams.

- Stadium: Let us actualize a new amphitheater from blemish agnate to 2K

- Jersey Builder: Let us architecture our own uniforms/ alternates

Draft Classes

- Allow us to admission and absolutely adapt and allotment abstract classes alfresco of authorization mode.

- I would adulation to see injuries in abstract classes as able-bodied as advance for approaching abstract classes. Such as admission added than one abstract chic per division so you can see the approaching talent. You see teams ability all the time on QB's because the next years abstract chic doesn't admission the "talent"

- Academy All-Star Game: Play with the affairs afore the draft

Improve Amateur Card

- Contour Picture: One affair that Madden eventually got right, was auctioning the fabricated pictures of complete humans for application the in-game players. Madden needs to body aloft this by abacus added options for players' actualization and accord us more than 100 active to admission between. Agnate to the way EA acclimated Texas and Oregons' uniforms, I would like to see teams jersey styles emulated in storyline photos and abstract profiles.

- Stories: Link belief to the amateur card. As against to coursing through the alternate account feed, if we wish to acquisition a player's adventure we could just go to their amateur card. Belief get angry into a players ratings, attributes, injuries, or they could be just a account story.

- Awards: Cover a area that shows a players awards/ accomplishments. 1st all-embracing selection, 4X Pro-Bowl, POTW, whatever.

- Statistics: Affectation stats from division to division and appearance what teams they admission played for in the past.

NFL Draft

- Amateur Comparison: In a abstract contour cover accepted player/ appraisement comparisons to accord us an abstraction what the amateur is like

- Projection: You can amount a amateur all you want, but in all reality, you admission no abstraction what that amateur is account to added teams in the league. The Giants anticipation the blow of the alliance admired Daniel Jones A LOT.

- Mock Drafts: bent by several things:

Team Needs

Players Talent

Players Potential

Teams/ GM Abstract History- Teams like the Raiders will abstract acceleration guys

- Supplemental Draft

- Athletes: What do players like Terrelle Pryor, Hines Ward, Josh Cribbs, and Julian Edelman admission in common? They were all quarterbacks in academy who became acknowledged receivers in the NFL. In Madden we do not admission the advantage of drafting players who are "athletes". In a time breadth we see players like Ty Montgomery arena halfback, or active backs band up as receivers, it is absolute accepted to see humans ample in assorted roles. Beneath is an archetype of how drafting an amateur would work. Athletes are abundant added difficult to advance because they crave so abundant plan if you wish to advance them for several positions. If you were to advance Terrelle Pryor as a QB and receiver you would charge to advance his throwing abilities, as able-bodied as accepting abilities.


- Something that is analytical in real-life aloof that Madden brushes off to the ancillary is potential. Abeyant would be a appraisement that a amateur is accepted to achieve. If a amateur comes into the alliance as a 77 overall, but has a 96 potential, he may be admired a lot added than a anticipation who is an 82 all-embracing with 89 potential.

- We will never absolutely apperceive a players authentic potential, about it is still something complete NFL scouts use to admeasurement the account of a amateur if drafting him.

Potential is something can change at any time due to a amount of reasons. Affidavit such as:

- Injury: If a amateur receives a austere abundant injury, it may apathetic down or stop their progression

- Poor performance: If the amateur is struggling, this affects their aplomb as able-bodied as potential

- Coaching: If a drillmaster or arrangement do not adjust with the player, the may not get the appraisement addition they need

- Arena Time: If a amateur sits on the bank for too long, their wont accretion the all-important acquaintance to move up in ratings. This can go the added way if they are on a aggregation with a solid adept amateur at their position who can coach that player.


- Dynamic Injuries: Essentially what this agency is if a amateur has a assertive injury, it could assuredly affect a players ratings, progression, or it may be a abiding abrasion we see appear back.

- Medical Staff: Hiring a able Medical Staff and trainer would be important insuring the bloom of your accepted players, and award abrasion apropos with abeyant chargeless agents and of advance abstract prospects.

- Trainers: Trainers amount would be advised by two categories: -The appraisement addition they accord players on their attributes of courage and injury. -How authentic their aloof address is on audition injuries. This would be advised by percentage. The afterpiece to 100%, the added accurate.

Training Camp/ Pre-Season

- Let players action for positions by active through drills to acquire XP

- Trim the agenda down anniversary by anniversary in the preseason

- Select and pre-season opponent


- 5th Year Options

- Restricted/ Unrestricted Chargeless Agents

- Contract Restructure

Madden 20 is a abundant footfall in the appropriate administration for Authorization Mode; about due to contempo years it still has a lot of catching-up to do.

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