Madden 21: EA will switch the device without notifying the supporters

Jul-05-2020 categories: Madden 20

It’s nice to see that the #FixMaddenFranchise hashtag is the first change in the United States. Let producer Sean Grady admit in the video that the event is very effective.

However, without specific commitments or plans to improve it in the short and long term, it is difficult for franchise owners to be cautious when determining reliability.

If these obligations are not fulfilled, the EA must determine its temporary status. This is not the first time a commitment has been made, and for any reason, the device will be changed without notifying the supporters.

A year ago, creative director Madden Mike Young told game reporter Matt Berts: “The franchise has become a game and this style will continue.” We hope to add some depth to the prosperity we have achieved, so we began to view it For RPG exercise. "

Unfortunately, this model lasted until the release in August of the next century. It does not seem to show much hope.

To be fair. It is now July 6. According to EA, the release of any retailer’s product may be delayed before it is delayed, and yes, they may have a direct digital impact on the product being released.

In fact, this means that those who want the best franchise are waiting for the release date, which will provide them with their favorite Mut 20 coins model. There are many offers here, including the NFL head coach, who can only call the theater and watch every performance. It is also important to retrieve the appearance of each game from the planned playback camera.

Other users want to better control player and team statistics during the fashion season. In recent years, other EAs are also looking for prototypes. This is a long list of features.

Advanced Search

On-the-job training

Training Camp

Signature processor and client logic

Mini Rookie Training Camp


Even worse, since the early 2000s, all of these characters have been part of the game, and for some reason, EA has never explained to fans why they can create panels. Advanced controls with these features, other developers may have a better name model, but Madden does not.

If you want to see a more detailed and detailed version of the franchise model, please refer to the types created by Deus Douglas of Functional Games. He created them four years ago, and they are better than EA with fewer devices.

The creator of Old Madden told me that although there are still some gamers, they can use less resources to make the fingerprint model weird, please try it. Maybe you will also buy cheap Madden nfl 20 coins, so far, nothing has happened.

Marine enthusiasts everywhere want these people to work on the basis of their liking.

Ownership owners should not miss it at least before they start making major changes to games they have played for many years.