Madden 22 correctly evaluated the best player of the Bengals

Aug-11-2021 categories: Madden 22

If the whole country does not know how good the safety of the  Cincinnati Bengals Jesse Bates is, Madden’s ratings may make Madden nfl 22 coins them notice and respect Bates’ success last season.

Madden 22 recently released their safety ratings for the entire league, and Bengals fans should be happy to see Jessie Bates easily make it into the top ten in the NFL. Bates scored 91 points from Madden-the highest score on the team-and tied for fourth place among all security personnel for the highest overall score.

It's hard to dispute Madden's assessment of Jesse Bates' entry into the season. A score higher than 90 is certainly a sign of respect. Since entering the league as a second-round pick for the Bengals in 2018, Bates has demonstrated the potential for freedom and safety to become a true "midfielder" type. Last year, Bates formed a full-professional season in a free and safe environment, and everything came together.

The statistics reflect Bates' dominance over the Bengals last season. In addition to the wild 15 PBU, he also made 109 tackles and 3 interceptions. Senior analysts believe that he had an incredible year, and PFF gave Bates an overall elite rating of 90.1.

In addition to his impressive statistics, Bates was the super glue that tied the dilapidated Bengals defense together last season. Just as Spider-Man uses his net to connect a sinking ship together, Bates patrols the field expertly, checking the streaking receiver and monitoring the quarterback while trying to create pressure while passing and sprinting. Readings. Last year's pass defense only ranked 22nd (by passer score) should highlight Bates' influence, because the surrounding talent is very poor.

This season, whether in Madden or in real life, the opponent's offense will know to pay attention to Bates, and the Bengals' defense will require every point of his 91 points. Although defense should improve this season, Bates' talent and leadership are critical to success.

As mentioned earlier, I have absolutely zero problems with Bates’ 91 points and his T-4 ranking among security personnel, although reasonable ideas may make him a little higher or lower. However, the strange thing about the ratings is that the players around Bates seem to be incorrectly rated.

Bates and his 91-year-old fellow Denver security guard Justin Simmons are important benchmarks for measuring the inaccuracy of other scores. Only three security officers scored higher than 91: Tyrann Mathieu (Kansas City, 95); Budabeck (Arizona, 93); and Devon McCourty (New England, 92).

It is undeniable that the roles of Matthew and Baker are very different from those of Bates-they are both powerful tackles, capable of rivaling receivers and close ends on the melee line-but Bates is entering Objectively better players in 2021. The same is true for McCourty, who has long been one of the best security guards in the league, but now it's the late golden stage of his career.

On the contrary, players with lower ratings than Bates have a very credible argument to surpass him. The Steelers haters, cover your ears, but Minkah Fitzpatrick (Minkah Fitzpatrick) scored 89 points, seriously underestimating one of the most versatile second-tier players in the NFL. With incredible turnover instincts and excellent coverage, Fitzpatrick has provided an impressive defense for the Steelers.

Similarly, the reporting style of Chicago Liberty Security Eddie Jackson is very similar to that of Bates. Jackson's lightning speed allows him to cross an impressive area in a short period of time. If I rate safety, even players like buy mut coins madden 22 Marcus Meyer in New York and Devin James in Los Angeles can be in the top five.