Madden 22 Cred currency: what is it and how to use it?

Aug-25-2021 categories: Madden 22 Tag: cheap Madden 22 Coins, Mut 22 Coins

If you launched Madden 22 on the weekend after the global launch on Friday, you might be Mut 22 coins wondering what the Cred currency is.

If you play Madden Ultimate Team, this problem may be particularly common. In the upper right corner of the Madden Ultimate Team page, you will notice common currencies such as training, points, and coins. But you will also see Cred in it. So what exactly is it used for?

What is Cred in Madden 22?

Cred is a new currency in Madden that can be used to purchase items in stores. The store allows you to purchase jersey sets for characters in the MUT squad or The Yard game mode. Unfortunately, Cred cannot be used to purchase packages in MUT or improve your team.

You can get Cred in every game mode of Madden 22. You can basically think of it as XP. The more you play and make progress in different stages of the game, the more credit you get. Of course, Cred is short for credibility, so as you get more and more creds, you are basically proving that you are a top Madden player.

What can you do with Cred in Madden 22?

You can use Cred to purchase uniform bundles-check out the leather legend premium bundle in the picture above-or various items that appear in the Madden 22 store. You will have to play a lot of Madden to afford that special thing. However, the bundle requires 220,000 Reid.

Although the shop is mainly used for The Yard to equip your character with different looks, it can also be used for MUT. For example, the Leather Legends Premium Bundle shows a MUT card, which means you can use the uniform for your MUT team in online or offline matches.

But not everything in the store can be purchased with Cred. In the cheap Madden 22 coins picture above, the Jordan Deluxe and Jordan Blue Deluxe bundles can only be purchased with points. Points can only be obtained with real currency, not with game currency.