Madden 22 rating: Which NFL teams have the best defense?

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There is a saying in football: Defensive wins the championship. If this is true, then you will definitely want to Madden nfl 22 coins play "Madden NFL 22" with a team with a strong defensive offense.

Most Madden users can take advantage of fewer players as a whole to launch an offense, using schemes or certain player characteristics (such as speed). But it may be more difficult to achieve the same success on the other side of the ball, which is why players like to use defensive teams.

Below, we will look at the defensive rating list of each team at the time of release and break down why the top five are so strong.

The best defense used in Madden 22

The Buccaneers, Steelers and Bears had the best defense when Madden 22 was launched. Considering that Bucs also entered Madden 22's top three offenses, you can expect to see this team almost every time you start an online game. A team with both offensive and defensive capabilities is really rare. As we know from other teams on the high defense list, there is not much overlap between them.

Top 5 defenses in Madden 22

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-90

The only team with a defensive rating in the 90s. The Buccaneers are led by MLB Lavonte David, who ranks second in the team with 93 points. Shaquil Barrett (88) and Vita Vea (88) are close behind. Devin White is a crazy dream player. He has a total score of 85 and a speed of 92 in the MLB. In fact, he is the third fastest linebacker in the game (including all LOLB, MLB, ROLB). Bucs is also helpful, and the overall score of the three CBs is 80 or higher. The Pirates are full of talented people.

Pittsburgh Steelers-88

The Steelers are one of the most unbalanced teams in Madden 22. Their overall defense ranks second, but their overall offense ranks eighth. In fact, all five of their top players are on the defensive end. Four of the top five were involved in the passing craze in Pittsburgh. Although Devin Bush’s overall score is low (77), his speed (90) will make him the person you want on the court, and may increase including TJ Watt (94 OVR), Cameron Hayward (92), Stephen Tuyt (89) and Melvin Ingram (87).

Chicago Bears-87

The Bears will be an interesting team to play in Madden 22. Although their offense is only 73 overall, they have many weapons you can use, such as the 90-speed QB Justin Field, the 96-speed WR Marquise Goodwin and the 90-speed overall Allen Robinson. Then you give them an 87 overall defense, and suddenly you have a playable team. The defense is led by LOLB Khalil Mack (96 OVR), followed by FS Eddie Jackson (89) and LE Akiem Hicks (LE). Roquan Smith has an overall score of 88, and his 89 speed makes him one of the faster linebackers in the game.

New England Patriots-86

If you are looking for a team with outstanding high school results, then the Patriots is your best choice. With passing becoming so popular in Madden 21, choosing a team with good second-tier players is a good idea. The Patriots are led by CB Stephon Gilmore (97 OVR), but he is not the only bright spot. The Patriots' middle school also includes Devin McCourty (92 OVR), JC Jackson (85) and Jonathan Jones (83). The Patriots even have some reliable linebackers in Dont'a Hightower (87) and Matthew Judon (82).

Denver Broncos-86

The Broncos have the fifth best defense, but the fourth worst offense in Madden 22. Their low offensive team score (and not many great players to use) makes them generally unattractive. But the defense does have some bright spots, under the strong passing impact of LOLB Von Miller (93) and ROLB Bradley Chubb (85). Four of the Broncos' top five players are in middle school, including FS Justin Simmons (91), CB Kyle Fuller (87), CB Bryce Callahan (86) and SS Kareem Jackson (86).

Other matters needing attention

The Ravens, Packers, and Cardinals all rank in the top 10 defensively and offensively (and the Pirates we mentioned earlier). The Panthers and Jets are tied with the fastest defensive player (96 SPD) in CB Donte Jackson and CB Javelin Guidry. The Ravens have one of the fastest supports, even though their overalls are a bit low. But Baltimore has 5 CBs with a speed of 92 or higher. The Cardinals and Cowboys are tied with the fastest linebackers in the game, Isaiah Simmons (93 SPD) and Mika Parsons (93 SPD). The Raiders have a pair of linebackers, and cheap Mut 22 coins they are tied for the third fastest with a speed of 91.