Madden 22: September title update #2 is now live; this is something new

Electronic Arts has released a massive new title update for Madden 22. The Madden 22 coins game launched last month has been plagued by many problems in various modes, and today’s update has indeed solved some of these problems.

Unfortunately, today’s title update does not include the much-anticipated Franchise Player Scouting improvements, which I estimate will be launched later this month. What it does includes many other franchise updates, including improving the stability of the battle, fixing incorrect game results, fixing multiple weekly strategy issues, including the issue of defending players getting the same promotion, and so on. On the next-generation console, they have now solved the authenticity problem of next-generation statistics and completion percentages. The Next Gen Stats tab of the player card has also been fixed.

As far as gameplay updates are concerned, EA is aware of the problem of pass coverage-especially the terrible area coverage, which is now easy to appear in the game. I am sad to report that today’s title update does not solve these problems, but hope we get a fix in the near future.

We will continue to monitor and collect feedback shared with us by the community. We look forward to sharing the actions we have taken to pass coverage.

In other words, many other gameplay issues have been resolved in Title Update 2, including fixing the issue of "Using improper activation when defending only 3 pass rushers/blitz and running games." However, in a competitive game style, if you put 9 or more defenders on defense to counter a large number of running games, this logic may still work.

Other gameplay issues that have been fixed are that the defensive end is dredging too frequently in certain formations; it is too easy to crawl out of the pocket when running RPO Zone Peek; the fatigue of buy Mut 22 coins running back prevents them from participating in the game for a long time.