Madden 22 Week 7 rating update: the biggest winners and losers

Nov-02-2021 categories: Madden 22 Tag: cheap Madden 22 Coins, Mut 22 Coins

Just in time for the weekend, Madden 22’s latest list update has Mut 22 coins been released. These changes reflect the NFL games in the first seven weeks of the season.

This was a crazy first half, and the entire league was full of surprises. One of the biggest surprises was the appearance of the Cincinnati Bengals rookie wide receiver Jamal Chase. For those who don't know, Chase played with Burrow at LSU, and their chemistry has continued to the NFL. Chase scored the best statistics of his young career against the Ravens in Week 7, scoring 201 yards and touchdowns on 8 passes. He has run 754 yards this year, and his recent performance has increased his scoring from 79 points to 81 points.

Michael Pittman is another young wide receiver who has begun to consolidate his position as one of the league's best players. In the rainy Sunday night against the 49ers in prime time, Pittman caught four balls at 105 yards and scored a touchdown. Pittman still doesn't get a lot of goals per game, but he is making the most of everything he faces, so he now has a total score of 77 (up by 2 points), and he has jumps, spectacular catches and catches. Increased traffic.

But not everyone is so lucky in the ratings update. Odell Beckham Jr. disappointed this year. Although the lingering shoulder injury may be the reason for his poor performance-only two catches against Denver in Week 7-he has struggled throughout the season. Odell Beckham, Jr. still has no touchdowns this season, and has only 16 catches this year. The star receiver's overall score dropped by 3 points this week to 85 points.

The Carolina Panthers wide receiver Robbie Anderson is another receiver who hasn't done much this year. Although D.J. Moore as Sam Darnold's favorite receiver initially resulted in fewer goals, Anderson has had plenty of opportunities in the past four weeks. The problem is that he just can't do many things with it. Anderson's lack of production caused the overall score to drop by three points this week to 81 points.

This is the Madden 22 ratings adjuster and former wide cheap Madden 22 coins receiver Chad Johnson broke some other ratings changes in week 7.