​Madden 23 Ultimate Team takes the opportunity to celebrate the holidays

It's a week before Easter. As with previous US holidays, Madden 23 Ultimate Team is taking the opportunity to celebrate the holiday with a brand new community event: Welcome to the Sugar Rush Program.

An important, commercialized, but still popular part of the Easter celebrations is chocolates and candies, as well as various egg hunts that children enjoy with their families and loved ones. Seeing just how much fun this Easter party can be, Madden 23 coins is looking forward to a similar experience with the new Sugar Rush program offering a range of ways to add great new Sugar Rush players, Season 4 experience, and more.

Divided into two parts, buy mut coins madden 23 released the first version of their Sugar Rush schedule last Monday (March 27), with the second part due out Thursday (April 6). In addition to several high-level new players, the Sugar Rush program includes its own Field Pass and a series of challenges that can be redeemed for generous Season 4 XP rewards.

That said, here's what's new for Players, Field Pass, and more in the all-new Madden 23 Ultimate Team Sugar Rush, the Madden NFL 23 Coins Safe and Quick Sale at mmoexp.

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The Sugar Rush Field Pass has a lot to offer. The Sugar Rush Field Pass consists of 22 tiers and includes a great strategy item, big Season 4 XP bonuses, MUT Coins, Sugar Rush Player Packs, and small and medium egg packs.

Just to clarify, egg cartons have special egg cards that come in different colors and sizes - small, medium, or large. Each of these eggs will hatch on Easter (April 9) and, depending on their color and size, will bring different rewards.

In addition to protecting these items in the Field Pass, you can also find these same egg card items by completing any Egg Finder challenge that appears randomly in the challenge menu of each of the various programs you can navigate through.

For example, if you go to the MUT challenge menu and go to the diamond squad challenge, you can scroll down and you will most likely stumble upon a simple "egg-themed" challenge. After completing the task, you will receive an egg card element that you need to hatch on the following Sunday. You'll know it's an egg hunt challenge because of its name and because they only have to complete one star.

Finally, you can earn Sugar Rush Egg Packs by logging into MUT each day to collect Medium or Small Egg Fragments, which you can add in two different sets - a Small Egg Pack or a Medium Egg Pack. These sets usually require several egg parts, and when you're done, you'll receive another free egg to hatch on Easter.

The first drop in the Sugar Rush program was significant, with the total number of released players hovering between 90 and 98. This new set of players for the Sugar Rush program includes current and former NFL players.