Madden 24: Top 10 Safeties Reviewed and Ranked

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Madden 24: Top 10 Safeties Reviewed and Ranked

In the ever-evolving world of Madden 24, the hunt for the perfect roster never ceases. As players vie for the most formidable lineup, the importance of securing top-tier safeties cannot be overstated. These guardians of the secondary can be game-changers, intercepting passes, delivering bone-crushing hits, and shutting down opposing offenses. Today, we delve into the realm of Madden 24's safeties, dissecting their strengths, weaknesses, and overall value to your team.

Grant Guy

Standing at 6'3", Grant Guy possesses imposing physicality and blistering speed. However, his inability to effectively play man coverage may deter some coaches from acquiring him. While his discounts leave something to be desired, his presence in deep zones can still make him a viable option for certain defensive schemes.

Manin Jones

With a commendable 96 speed, Manin Jones excels in both man and zone coverage. Despite lacking in block shedding prowess, his ability to lay down the law with bone-jarring hits earns him a spot on this list. However, his discounts could be more enticing, leaving room for improvement.

Justin Reed

For those aligning with the Chiefs' theme team, Justin Reed offers a tantalizing option. However, his subpar block shedding may hinder his effectiveness against the run. While his discounts could be better optimized, his speed and coverage skills still make him a formidable presence in the secondary.


With a blazing 96-speed rating, Byard is a threat in the backfield, capable of wreaking havoc on opposing passing attacks. However, his shortcomings in man coverage may limit his versatility. Nevertheless, his prowess in universal coverage compensates for his deficiencies, making him a valuable asset under the right circumstances.

Sean Taylor

Standing tall at 6'2", Sean Taylor boasts an impressive blend of speed and hitting power. Despite his limitations in man coverage, his proficiency in zone defense and penchant for delivering bone-rattling hits make him a force to be reckoned with in the secondary.


With solid speed and coverage skills, Brown excels at shedding blocks, making him a valuable asset against the run. However, his lackluster X-factors prevent him from ascending higher on this list. Nonetheless, his discounts make him a viable option for budget-conscious coaches.


Despite his underwhelming X-factors, Jones' combination of size and speed makes him a relevant option in Madden 24. However, his effectiveness may vary depending on your defensive scheme and play style.

Justin Simmons

With impressive speed and size, Justin Simmons is a versatile safety capable of excelling in various defensive roles. While his shutdown X-factor may appeal to some coaches, others may prefer alternatives like Avalanche for its game-changing potential.


Although Whitner's inability to excel in man coverage may deter some coaches, his Avalanche X-factor makes him a viable option for those seeking a budget-friendly alternative. However, his effectiveness may diminish if your defense already boasts multiple X-factor activations.

Rodney Lot

With his stellar attributes and versatile skill set, Rodney Lot emerges as a top-tier safety in Madden 24. His ability to excel in both man and zone coverage, coupled with his knack for shedding blocks, solidifies his place on this list. Additionally, his discounts make him a valuable asset for any team.

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