Madden Max and Power and OVR upgrades

Mar-28-2020 categories: Madden 20

According to the latest Madden Mobile Gridiron Notes! Today, let's discuss the Madden Max power supply and OVR upgrade together! See all the details about how Madden Mobile does its next live pass "Road to the Draft"! 

Mad Max

After the next "live pass", the "Road to the Draft", we will introduce Madden Max in detail.

"Mad Max" is the highest OVR player so far this season, including 105 OVRs, 200 POWs, and all 99 statistics.

Compared to the normal 30 levels, these players can also train 100 levels to reach MAX 300 prisoners of war. Only these 105 OVR / 200 prisoners of war can train 100 levels. Player data will not exceed 99.

Why are prisoners of war valuable?

When you play against your opponent, consider strength. Compare your total power with your opponent's total power to adjust the OVR. See the example below:

Team A: 30 players under 96 OVR 100 POW = 3000 power


Group B: 30 players, 70 POWs per 100 OVR = 2100 power

Result: Players of Team A will increase +4 OVR to 100 OVR, and players of Team B will reduce -1 OVR to 99 OVR.

In the latest client update, a visual representation of +/- has been implemented for Overdrive, which can now be seen before every race.

Which players can upgrade?

All 100 OVR players are eligible to upgrade to 105 OVRs using Madden Max Badges. No EVO player? It's ok! Madden Movers will have EVO PLAYER available this week. Madden Max Badges can also be used to get EVO players beyond the promotion!

Only 100 OVR players can be upgraded via Madden Max Badges.

How to get Madden Max Badges?

The biggest badge is the currency used to grow 100 OVR players to 105 OVRs. These can be earned in many different ways, such as:

Players trade in new / collection sets

Live Pass Award

Store Packaging

Next live pass!

The road to the draft is based on the NFL draft and will be equipped with 96 OVR / 100 POW base players.

These players will train at level 30 with a maximum combat power of 130.

This OVR / POW ratio will continue in the same format throughout the path to the draft.

These new base players will also be the greatest value opportunities for Madden Max Badges. More details on these trade-in sets/values.

Stat Reducer

Finally, when the attribute reaches 99, the reducer will become the focus.

Max Reducer has been introduced to the "Road to Drafts" and can be unlocked with sufficient power in the lobby. This reducer will reduce the opponent's attributes by -1 and can be upgraded to -5 all attributes.

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